If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, let your hot tub help

July 17, 2019

July 17, 2019 – I have a confession to make: in general, I don’t consider myself a morning person. Now, like many as they age (ugh!), I’m finding that my body is deciding to come back to life earlier each morning than it used to from sleep. Just today I woke up at 5:00 a.m.!! I just don’t get it. Why must my body betray me?

But I digress. This got me thinking about the fact that I’ve written many times about taking a hot tub about an hour before bed. There’s plenty of documentation and studies that have been done about a good soak helping you fall into a more restful sleep.

While I may not be a “early bird catches the worm” kinda guy, it does bear mentioning that, if you are indeed a morning person, the early bird can certainly catch a good hot tub soak. And, if you’re NOT normally a morning person, you may want to try to adjust your morning mood to the positive! If you’re not particularly feeling the day, your hot tub can absolutely help.

Here are a few reasons why you should give hot tubbing in the morning a try:

  • If you’re someone (like me) who is waking up these days with more stiffness and “sleep aches” than you used to, your hot tub can help. Getting the blood flowing to all points of your body will help ease away the aches and stiffness you want to shrug off to get your day going.
  • It’s well known that a good hot tub soak releases endorphins—your body’s feel good chemical. If you wake up in a not-so-great-mood, immersing yourself in that hot water and letting it release those endorphins is bound to elevate and improve your mood.
  • If you know your day ahead is going to be a full one and it will be difficult to give yourself any “me” time, this is the chance to claim it! Getting an opportunity to retreat to the hot tub and enjoy some peace and quiet can help propel you through the day. You’ll give yourself permission to take care of you before taking care of everything and everyone else that will come later. I do know that Steve Hammock, president of Watkins Wellness (the parent company that makes Hot Spring Spas) told me he starts his day in his tub. And let me tell you—that guy is busy, driven and has plenty on his plate. He recognizes well the importance of getting that time for himself at the start of his day. You could too!
  • It will offer you a great opportunity for some spiritual reflections or devotions. A little over a year ago one of my customers told me how he starts his day in the tub. He uses that time to commune, pray and practice his daily devotions. It gives him a springboard to move through the day in a more peaceful state.
  • It’s a wonderful place to give meditation a try. I know many customers and fellow Hot Spring dealer friends who make hot tub time meditation time as well. It certainly gives you the right environment to open your mind and let it drift into a more mindful state.
  • If you have kids and you know they’re facing a particularly big day at school, the tub can be a place to spend some time with them, talk about their day ahead, give reassurance and support—and just get some valuable kid/parent time. Hot water soaks often bring on honest meaningful conversations you might otherwise miss out on with your kids.
  • It’s a wonderful way to take advantage of your backyard or hot tub environment at a different time than you normally do. Hearing the sounds of morning can be gladdening and help you reconnect with nature in a new and wonderful way. The sounds of birds chirping in the morning are so different compared to other times throughout the day!

These are just a few examples of the potential benefits you’ll enjoy if you make time for the hot tub to start off your day. Summer mornings are absolutely one of the best times of the day right now! Don’t let them all pass you by and dive into what’s lies ahead. Instead, dive into the swirling bubby hot water of your tub and let it pamper you before you carry on with what’s to come. My suspicion is you’ll find yourself in a much better mood!

Happy soaking!