How to Use a Crane Company to Lift Your Hot Tub to Your Dream Spot

December 16, 2014

Olympic Hot Tub Crane DeliveryDecember 16, 2014

A crane delivery puts your hot tub in high places. Your dream location for your new hot tub – maybe your roof or a third-floor deck – might seem out of reach, but think out of the box: a crane service could be the solution. Olympic Hot Tub has coordinated hundreds of crane deliveries and works with skilled professionals who provide the service.

Here’s your part:

1. Details to the dispatcher. The crane company’s dispatcher will need information about the site, either with a visit or a phone call with you or your building contractor. They will follow up with details such as land use, moving cars out of the way, or closing a street (the crane company or delivery company will get the permits). Overhead electrical wires might pose a problem. Be sure to tell the dispatcher where the wires are on the street and into your home in relation to where you want your new hot tub placed.Free in-home hot tub consultation by Olympic Hot Tub

2. Must be present to win. You or your representative must be at home until the spa is safely set. The crane company will tell you the delivery time. You must be flexible on delivery day. The crane company schedules the time, but can’t guarantee they will be at your home at the exact hour.

3. Worth every penny. Crane companies typically charge an hourly rate with a minimum of two or three hours. An easy lift with a standard boom truck starts around $450. Costs can vary depending on the size of the crane needed, travel time to outlying areas, permitting requirements for street closures if required (upwards of $1,000 for permits, barricades, labor, etc.), and how long the crane is on-site. Weekend delivery costs more when operators earn overtime. You will pay the crane company directly.

With Olympic Hot Tub on your side, you can relax. The actual delivery takes only a few minutes, and our delivery crew will help land the hot tub in the right spot, unwrap, fill, and start your hot tub, then show you how to use it.

Questions about a crane delivery, we’re happy to help! 1-888-292-0866

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS as the Romans said it. Pleasure is serious business.

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