How to Have Fun Without Accidents: Top Ten Tips For Child Safety Around the Hot Tub

July 2, 2010

Summer is here (well, maybe. The calendar says it’s July).  Many of you will be having friends over for picnics, barbecues and everyday hot tubbing.   Thinking about all that fun can push safety aside as a major consideration when tubbing. Establishing some safety rules for hot tub use is the best way to have fun without accidents especially when children are present.  Remember the Boy Scout slogan: Be prepared!

1. Treat the hot tub like a pool.
Make it a house rule that children never go in the hot tub without adult supervision.
2. Install a locking cover to prevent use by children or anyone else when you’re not present.  Sunstar is the most reliable brand of  locking hot tub  safety covers.  And, be sure to lock it-ALWAYS-when the tub’s not in use and adults aren’t present.
3. Get in the tub with small children. Smaller children are more likely to get in the hot tub when the bubbles are off. Once your child is comfortable, you can turn jets on with most of the air dialed back. Gradually add air as they feel more secure. Note that small children may not weigh enough to hold themselves steady in front of the jets. A strong air and water flow may throw them off-balance so hold them until they can manage on their own.
4. Turn the temperature down. Let smaller children work their way into the hot tub gradually. First a toe, then a foot. For that initial dip, turn the temperature down to 100 degrees or less to get them used to the water.
5. Planning a hot tub party with your pre-teens/teens?

Explain that horseplay, diving, splashing water out of the tub are NOT acceptable. Keep a close eye on the party. I-phones and other electronics like i-pods do not belong in the tub unless the electronics have come with the tub.
6. Explain the rules ahead of time and enforce them. Tell them that accessories are not play toys-i.e. the cover is not a trampoline!.
7. Watch for red faces!
8. Help them stay hydrated
by having water and juice nearby. Don’t forget the food-no matter old your kids are, they’ll probably be hungry after hot tubbing.  And, serve the food after the dip. You don’t want a mess on your hands from spilled snacks in the water. Remember to use non-breakable cups and plate to avoid broken glass and/or pottery around the tub area.
9. No bubbles in the tub please. Never allow kids to add anything to the tub without your permission. We’re talking bubble bath and soap here. Some children are allowed to maintain the family hot tub and are very good at it. They know exactly what to add for safe hot tubbing.
10. Lock up the chemicals

. Keep all spa chemicals locked up and out of reach.

A little prevention can go a long way.  Have fun in the tub with safety first. Enjoy your hot tub all summer long. It’s supposed to be nice starting Monday. Hooray!!

SANUM PER AQUA.  Latin for Health through Water.