How to End Foot Pain: Four Hot Tub Exercises That Treat Your Aching Feet

March 5, 2012

Foot painA recent survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association revealed that 53 percent of respondents reported foot pain so bad it hampered their daily life. Yikes! That’s over half the population! I can believe it.  Over the years so many  of our  Olympic Hot Tub customers have told me that hot tub soaking was one of the best ways to relieve tired, aching feet.  The hot water and the jets combined release foot tension and stress.

Do you suffer from foot pain? Are you on constantly on your feet?  Do you wear high heels all day?

If you have crammed your feet into tight shoes or worked on your feet all day, you probably do experience pain and cramping.  Foot pain is frequently reported by those whose feet ache from standing  for long periods or experiencing blood vessel constriction due to tight shoes.  Exercises to stretch and strengthen the feet can help reduce your aches & pains.

Treat your poor feet.  Let them out of their shoes and into a Hot Spring Spa for instant pain relief and massage.

Here are four simple, easy exercises to do in your hot tub:

Foot Muscle Stretch

The foot muscle stretch exercises helps to relax the toes through a series of muscle clenches and releases. Contract the toes to “scrunch ” them as if you were trying to gather a towel up, and then release.  Continue to “scrunch” the imaginary towel 8-10 times.  Reverse the action as if you were pushing the imaginary towel flat.  Do this 8-10 times to increase circulation to your feet.

Pencil Pickup

Pencil pickup exercise improves your foot flexibility and relieves tension in the toes that can be a cause of tired feet.  Place a pencil on the floor of your hot tub. Pick up the pencil with your feet and hold the pencil upward for a count of six. Drop the pencil and then repeat for a total of 10 repetitions. Doing this exercise in the hot tub is a challenge, but will increase circulation and make your feet and toes feel so much better.

Ankle Circles

A tight Achilles’ tendon or muscles in the ankle can lead to foot pain.  To stretch these muscles, sit and cross the right foot over your leg.  Take your foot in your left hand and then place your right hand on your shinbone.  Use your hand to move the ankle in a clockwise motion.  Repeat five times.  Reverse the motion to counterclockwise, repeating five times.  If you experience any pain, stop!

Seated Calf and Hamstring Stretch

This seated stretch relieves tension in the back of the leg and foot and uses a resistance band.  Sit with your back against the hot tub wall and place the band around your foot, just under the pad of your foot.  Keeping your knee straight, pull the band and your foot toward your body.  Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.  Release and repeat on the opposite foot.  Be sure to brace yourself with your other foot so you won’t slip. This exercise should give you lasting relief.  If you continue to experience foot pain,  tell your doctor.

For a maximum strength foot massage: try Hot Spring Spas’ Jetstream® jets found in the foot well of the Envoy model.  Come to one of our 5 showrooms in Seattle, Fife, Everett, Lacey & Issaquah for a FREE test soak.  Feel instant relief.

Do any readers use another foot exercise that works to relieve foot pain? Do share it with us in the comment section below.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through water.


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