How to Create The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ever! 7 Tips to Make Your February 14th Memorable

February 13, 2014

Valentine's day iStock_000011517220SmallImportant announcement: Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.
And, it’s always February 14th.

If you’re a woman, this is a big “Duh!”

But a shockingly high number of men (67% say studies that study this kind of thing) are unprepared for Valentine’s Day and wait ’til the day itself to think about it.  With a little advance planning (guys: I’m talking to you), you can create a memorable Valentine’s Day for your spouse or partner.

Forget the overcrowded restaurant with rushed, bad service. I’ve spent too many Valentine’s Day celebrating at perfectly good restaurants that fell apart with the crush of diners on February 14th.  Haven’t you?

Better idea:  Create a romantic setting at home with your hot tub as the focal point of the evening. Check out these tips that our Olympic Hot Tub customers have shared with us:

1. Create an Invitation! Leave a Valentine’s Day card for your loved one suggesting a hot tub rendezvous. Or do it the hi-tech way and email your invitation 🙂. Companies like, and  offer many beautiful choices.

2. Set the Mood. Light candles, play some quiet musicon your ipod and enjoy each other’s company alone under the stars and moonlight in the privacy of your own backyard. Turn on the hot tub lights.  Make sure the hot tub is spotlessly clean and the water is perfect. Set the temperature for 102-104 wherever you and your sweetheart like it.  Add aromatherapy scents like Spazzaz to your hot tub.  Put the towels in the dryer so they’ll be toasty warm when you’re ready to get out.Buy Olympic Hot Tub spa robes for the ultimate comfort.

3. Titillate Your Thirst.  Drink chilled sparkling water during your soak. You can’t go wrong with San Pellegrino.  Hot chocolate is another great choice.  Have that great bottle of champagne on ice for after tubbing.

4. Pique Your Taste Buds. Have some yummy treats on hand.  Chocolate covered strawberries or bananas are a great treat for hot tub eating.  Lately my husband and I have been eating Emily’s chocolate covered fortune cookies. Yummy (!) and you get a fortune to ponder and laugh about.

5.  Hand Reflexology in the Hot Tub. Learn a few strokes of this technique and surprise your Valentine with a wonderful massage.

6. Reach for the Bubbly After Soaking: Have your favorite bottle of wine chilling to drink after soaking.  The Italian bubbly Proseco is a real treat after a steamy soak.

7. Add an aphrodisiac. Skip the heavy meal with too much protein and carbs.  Some people swear by oysters, which are wonderful this time of year. But, dark chocolate truffles are your best bet!  And Fran’s Chocolates right here in Seattle makes truffles to die for!  Eat a few.  Savor each one. It doesn’t get any better.

It’s not the money spent on a Valentine’s Day gift-it’s the thought.

Since this week is also National Marriage Week it’s a good time to think about nurturing your relationship.

I know, I know. When most men hear that, they freeze and immediately tune out.  But, guys, it’s the thought. The fact that you remembered and wanted to do something special for your spouse or partner that goes a long way towards nurturing your relationship. You don’t have to “talk about your relationship”. Unless, of course, you want to.  A romantic gesture is worth a 1,000 words.

So, think bubbles not baubles.  New towels, new fluffy terry cloth robes combined with a new spa scent such as Spazazz.   They may not be diamonds, but a simple Valentine’s gift that will signify how much you value your romantic time together. With the right hot tub, every day can be Valentine’s Day.

As the Romans said it Res est serva Voluptas. Pleasure is serious business.


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