February 20, 2009

I’ve heard so many stories lately from our Olympic Hot Tub customers about the transformation-and I don’t use that word lightly-in their relationship with their teenager since putting in a Hot Spring Spa. One father confided in me that it was the first time he had talked to his 13 year old son since he became a teen.  He almost had tears in his eyes.

Another said that his most important connection was with his son but “there were no sit down dinners only microwaved frozen packages eaten on the run now-a- days.”  “When my son and I are in the tub, it’s my son’s “safety zone” to talk about what’s on his mind. You can’t do that in the car because traffic is annoying and you’re paying attention to that. The hot tub is important for chatting with him tell me what’s on his mind, what he’s thinking. It’s been a blessing. It wouldn’t have happened without the hot tub.”

Another shared, “It’s a good way to get kids attention when they’re in the hot tub, they have to talk to you because there’s nothing else going on.  Especially with teens, they don’t talk to you at all. In the tub you have their undivided attention!”  The hot tub gets kids away from video games and TV. Make a rule to ban cell phones & iPods in the tub, too.  You will get their undivided attention!

Many twenty something buyers are coming into our stores now saying that they had a Hot Spring from Olympic Hot Tub at home growing up. They remember the talks; the connection with their parents and want to create that for their own children.

You may think the teenage years will never end and that you’ll be ostracized from their lives forever. But the years go by so quickly. Wise parents know that reaching a teen now is a way to have influence on their lives and show them how much love you have for them.  There’s no better way than creating a place for the conversation between you to open….that place is the hot tub.

In a recent national survey of hot tub buyers, the #1 benefit of hot tub ownership was connection with family. The typical time-starved family these days spends less than 20 minutes together conversing each day,” says Sharyn Wolf, author and therapist.  “The hot tub is a bridge that helps you float back to the things that really matter, like family, friends, relaxation, and fun.”

Don’t wait before it’s too late to connect with your teenager. Get a Hot Spring Spa!

SANUM PER AQUA – Latin for health through water.