How to Celebrate National Relaxation Day Year Round AND Save Money Doing It!

August 15, 2013

Be Part of Our 36th Anniversary CelebrationYou can Relax. It’s our Birthday.

Olympic Hot Tub 36th Anniversary celebrates year-round relaxation.

Did you know that Olympic Hot Tub was born on National Relaxation Day, August 15th?  We opened our doors on August 15th, 1977.  That makes us 36 and our 36th Anniversary celebration starts today.

How do we celebrate? We celebrate you with our biggest sale of the year. Our Anniversary Sale is legendary for specials that only come around once a year.

Let’s talk about National Relaxation Day. Setting aside one day of the year to focus on relaxation is a good start in today’s stress-filled society. There never seem to be enough hours in the day or days in the week.

We weren’t made for such non-stop activity, physically, mentally or emotionally. Life ought to be a rhythm of rest and activity, and there’s no better place to get into the rhythm of relax than in a hot tub – burnout doesn’t stand a chance. You emerge energized, productive and happy.

Today’s sophisticated hot tubs pamper you, but they’re not just for the  famous. Everyone benefits from the healthful advantages of the massaging action, an energized stream of warm water and air that loosens muscle tension, eases aches and fatigue, improves sleep, and boosts mental relaxation.

You can feel it for yourself at Olympic Hot Tub. We have most models hot and ready for a test soak in our showrooms. Call for a time, bring your suit and towels, and feel the difference the next day – you’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Today’s hot tubs’ aren’t just for the rich either. Our prices are better than ever. Our financing puts a hot tub in the picture for thousands of families.

With our Anniversary Sale starting today, you can enjoy your own National Relaxation Day every day. It’s our biggest sale of the year!

Be part of our 36th Anniversary Celebration. If you’re don’t get a hot tub now, you’ll kick yourself later.  Mention this blog post and you’ll get an extra gift with your purchase of a new hot tub during our sale.  Put an Olympic Hot Tub in your own back yard and celebrate everyday as your Personal Relaxation Day and live our motto: Relax for Life®!

As the Romans said it: SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health though Water.

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