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How can you impact the wellness of others?

May 28, 2019

back massageMay 28, 2019 – With this blog, most of the time I talk about all the ways you can work to improve your overall well-being, and ways the products we at Olympic Hot Tub sell can help you do that.

This past week, I made a visit to Hot Spring Spas, the manufacturer of the brand of hot tubs we’ve sold for 37 years. While I was there, Scott Iverson, who is one of the most shiny human beings I’ve ever met (for lack of a better way to explain his incredible light), asked if I would take time with him to shoot some video to share with other dealers in the Hot Spring world. It’s one of those things that gets asked of you and you get a little embarrassed. It’s hard to imagine anyone wants to sit and really listen to anything I might have to say! And, of course it’s also flattering at the same time.

During my visit, it made me think about the terrific business I’m in, and the wonderful benefits of regular hot tub use. But it also made me think about the fact that we, as human beings, have the terrific capacity to affect the way others live too, if we’re conscious of it. Yes, our own health and well-being is vital. Yet, if we take a little bit of time, we too can influence and impact the way others achieve wellness and balance in their lives.

Here are some ways we can help others increase a better sense of healthy living. Maybe a few of these will either be something you can act upon, or perhaps it will trigger a new thought of how you can bring some healthy benefit to another.

  • Give a gift of massage to someone. If you know someone in your life that has a lot of stress or chronic pain, a visit to a massage therapist may be just the ticket.
  • Bring something healthy for a snack to share with co-workers. Easy to bring something sweet or fattening, harder to think outside the box and bring something light and refreshing and good for everyone.
  • Send a note to someone. I mean sitting down, picking a nice card, and writing something nice to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. I recently wished very much that I had done this with someone who had impact on my life and regretted it when they suddenly passed away a month later. Kind words from you at an unexpected time may be the thing that helps someone mentally, produces endorphins and can really make someone’s day.
  • Ask a friend who may be struggling with establishing a fitness routine to go on a walk with you or invite them to the gym. Sometimes others need a gentle push (or like me, a kick in the butt!) to help them kick-start a better path to wellness.
  • Throw a hot tub party for friends who are always on the go. Force them to stop and just hang out for a couple of hours. Enjoy the company, the hot water, the jet massage, and offer refreshing hydrating fruits and drinks. Not only will the benefits of hot tubbing help, the time bonding with others is important for emotional well-being.
  • If you know someone who doesn’t have great eating habits, get them a gift card to a company that prepares healthy meals to be sent to their home. I myself recently tried this out, and I’m hoping it will help me be more consistent with better eating when I get into waves of being so busy.
  • Encourage someone who should be taking time to “stop” every once in a while to meditate. Send them the gift of your favorite music to use for meditation or a book on it. ABC’s Dan Harris has written a couple of books about how he made himself devote time to meditation and help others realize it’s easier than you might think to make it work.
  • If you know someone who struggles with good sleep, think about gifting them with a naturopathic sleep solution. Something as simple as a sleep spray for your pillow can make all the difference.

Those are just a few ideas. Hopefully one of these will inspire you to help out someone in your circle of influence, or give you another idea to help someone else live healthier.