How a Hot Tub at Home Saves Time, Energy and Money

March 29, 2010


How can a hot tub at home save you time, energy and money? Find out now by asking yourself the following questions:

*Do you take long, hot showers/baths to help soothe sore muscles, the pain of arthritis, or just to make you feel better?

*Do you take long hot showers/baths to help you sleep or relax?

*Do you take hot showers to help you warm up in the winter?

*Do you go to a chiropractor, physical therapist or masseuse on a regular basis for pain relief or relaxation?

*Do you currently take your family or spouse on mini vacations just to get a break from your daily routine? Or, how about expensive meals out to get a private moment together?

*Do you wish you had a healthy alternative to medication or alcohol for relaxation/stress relief?

*Do you wish for a time and place for family togetherness now that your family eats fewer meals together?

For FAR less than the cost of a tank of gas, you can operate an energy efficient Hot Spring Spa. Today’s Hot Spring Spas are so energy efficient, most people say they don’t notice the cost on their utility bill.

For under $100 a month on approval of credit you can choose between 11 models of spas at Olympic Hot Tub Company. All of the ways most people use to address their needs for relaxation, stress and pain relief as well as family closeness, cost far more than the monthly cost of operating and owing a Hot Spring Spa. For all of the benefits a hot tub provides, can you really afford to be without one?

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.