Hot Tub Your Way to Happily Ever After

April 26, 2013

We’re not marriage counselors at Olympic Hot Tub. 

It’s true we don’t have credentials in counseling, we just sell hot tubs which are a great invention for a happy marriage. Many couples say it’s a “must have” to keep romance and closeness alive.

We do know from 36 years of experience and close to 19,000 hot tub sales that hot tubbing is a great way to live “happily ever after. “  This being Couples Appreciation Month, I wanted to share some tips about hot tubbing and relationship building that our customers have shared with us.

Do you know what all happy and healthy marriages have in common? In every one of them you will find two people committed to making each other happy.

The old saw “marriage is a 50/50 proposition” is way out of date. Marriage is 100/100.  We live in very selfish times. Pop-psychology messages are everywhere in the media encouraging us to love ourselves, do right by ourselves, and generally please ourselves first.

If you really want a happy marriage, you can’t buy into self-centered thinking. Instead, try these 6 time-tested techniques and experience the happiness, peace, and tranquility of a healthy marriage with more than a little help from your hot tub!

1. Make time for each other.   It’s so easy in our hyper-busy modern lifestyles to forget to set aside a little time to enjoy each others company.  Start a weekly tradition of setting a date for the two of you to be together doing something you both enjoy. Keep it simple.  Olympic Hot Tub spa owners have shared the fact that hot tubbing together makes a partnership stronger. Talking to each other, getting to know each other on a daily basis is the social currency that keeps relationships strong.

2. Take time off from each other. The best thing you can do is take time to hot tub alone regularly.  When you’re centered and truly relaxed, you’ll find the energy and will to better appreciate your partner.

3. Make little romantic gestures.  Remember to compliment your spouse.  Leave a love note for them to meet you in the hot tub.  Celebrate the day you first met.  Send flowers for no particular reason.  Give each other a hand reflexology massage while you hot tub.  Take some tips from our post on creating a memorable Valentine’s Day evening in the hot tub. Any day can be Valentine’s Day!

 4. Listen to your spouse. Husbands, remember that women need to express their feelings. Be a good sport and just listen. Don’t interrupt, or get distracted.  Empathize with her.  Let her know that you can relate to what she’s feeling.  Ladies, please remember that the kind of talk you might like to have with your husband does not come naturally to most men.  Just be patient. It’s not a good idea to “unload” on him right when he comes home from work.  The best time to listen to each other: when you’re in the hot tub together.  You’re relaxed and away from it all.  What better time to listen deeply.

5. Trust in each other.  Don’t be suspicious.  To help ensure the trust, be honest with your spouse in all things.  Never keep secrets from each other, not even little ones.  The hot tub’s a perfect place to share your secrets with each other.  What’s shared in the hot tub stays in the hot tub.

 6. Make it your aim to be your spouse’s best friend.  Appreciate your spouse for who they are.  Loosen up and have fun with each other and what better place than in the hot tub when you’re relaxed and together.  If you are practicing the steps above, you are on your way to being your spouse’s best friend – the ultimate relationship in marriage.

Original idea from Slade Hartwell.  Thank you, Slade.  Husband and wife team Slade and Elena Hartwell created to share their original ideas on romance building with the world.

Health through water as the Romans said it SANUM PER AQUA.


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