February 27, 2009

HOT TUB YOGA! We had an early call this morning from our friends Lynne & Walter who are real physical fitness buffs. Both in their 70’s they go to the gym, walk and bike to keep fit. They’re our inspiration for living well.  Right now they’re in Palm Springs for the sun (and glad they are! It snowed in Seattle yesterday and the temperature is 35.8 this morning). Their condo is across from a health spa where they’ve been going for morning exercise. Their excitement? They couldn’t wait to tell us about the hot tub yoga they’ve been doing.  Yoga poses are so much easier in the hot tub. Heat makes you more limber and stretching easier. The water holds you up on the difficult balancing poses. So, they’re really jazzed and want to do a booklet on hot tub yoga when they’re back in Seattle.  Stay tuned!

Think of it as an alternative to hot or Bikram yoga..more fun, too. At the end of your stretching, you can sit comfortably in the lotus position and do a short meditation.  We know a lot of our Olympic Hot Tub customers meditate in their Hot Spring Spas. Anyone else do yoga in the hot tub?

SANUM PER AQUA-Latin for Health through Water.