Hot Tub Wellness Tip: Stay Hydrated While Hot Tubbing

June 3, 2011

Surprise: my doctor does not encourage his patients to drink eight glasses of water a day! He believes that 8 glasses will deplete vitamins and minerals as well as interfere with bodily functions in most people. But he does acknowledge that too little water can have negative effects on your body and mood, resulting in stress.

In fact, once you start to feel thirsty, you’re already somewhat dehydrated.  Research has shown that if you’re mildly dehydrated, you’ll feel more tired, drained and less able to concentrate.

A 2001 study found that mild water restriction (no fluids from midnight to 11AM-just as you would experience when you’re going to have surgery) had a negative effect on self-measured alertness.

Your weight and activity level, the air temperature and humidity all affect fluid needs. Some people take longer to dehydrate than others.

Drink a glass of water before or after soaking in your hot tub to make sure you’re adequately hydrated.  Think of  hot tub soaking as exercise- which it is! All of the many of the effects of exercise are present when you’re hot tub soaking-increased circulation, blood flow and increase in heart rate per minute.  So just as you would drink water before and after exercise, be sure to drink it before, after and during your hot tub soak.

We like unflavored, ice-cold San Pellegrino (Trader Joe’s carries it) while soaking in our Hot Spring Spa.  It has the right blend of minerals for our taste and the carbonation’s not overdone.  It’s very refreshing winter or summer.

If you’re in a celebrating mood: try Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. Almost like prosecco or champagne.  Whatever your choice-from iced tea to smoothies, just don’t make it alcohol which is a depressant and very dehydrating.  And, use plastic cups or glasses for safety!

What’s your favorite hot tub beverage (non-alcoholic, of course)?

SANUM PER AQUA-Latin for Health through water.