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Hot tub time can also be family time! Here are seven tips to buy the perfect hot tub for the whole clan

February 1, 2019

family of four in spastone surroundeed spaFebruary 1, 2019 – If you’re thinking about getting a hot tub for your family, there are some things to think about as you embark on your quest. I’ve had the good fortune of selling a lot of tubs to families over the years, and as we sought out the perfect hot tub, there were some common denominators that seemed to emerge for just about all of them. Here are some key things to put on your checklist to make sure you get the perfect hot tub to take care of your family for years to come.

  • Open seating is best. If a hot tub will feature not only into family time but perhaps also become a place your kids will spend with friends, a hot tub with open seating and lots of room is a must. While lounges are an attractive idea, they take up quite a bit of space in the tub where more than one person could usually sit instead. If room isn’t an issue and you just need that lounge for yourself, Hot Spring’s Prism will do the trick. You’ll get that lounge just for you, but still easily have seating in the tub for 6-7 others.
  • Cool down seats are critical. Oftentimes first-time hot tub owners don’t necessarily focus in on this feature, but with kids it’s key! Having a place inside the tub that can double as a step for safe entry into the tub, as well as serve as a place for kids to sit when they start to overheat is vital. Because kids don’t have sweat glands developed before puberty, the only way their body can cope with excess heat is by getting their torso out of the water, and of course with hydration. I use cool down seats all the time myself. It affords me a bit of a break from the heat and allows me to spend more time in the tub.
  • Good filtration is paramount! The most overlooked thing that should be high on your list: what’s the tub’s ability to clean? Hot Spring’s Highlife Collection tubs are the only ones that clean 100% of the water 100% of the time. Think on this: an adult soaking in a hot tub can sweat up to a liter in 20 minutes!! Do YOU want to sit in that with other adults, or have your kids sit in it? I would hope not. Get a Hot Spring Spa! Clean, safe water is the #1 way to start out a good soak.
  • Get a tub that’s silent when not in use. Jets are wonderful when everyone is enjoying the tub, but what about when everyone’s in bed asleep? That’s the time you want to be sure your kids (and you!) don’t get slumber interrupted with noisy cleaning or heating cycles from your tub. A Hot Spring Spa features a whisper-quiet circulation pump that takes care of cleaning your water 24 hours a day, and will never wake you, your kids, or your neighbors. (We like to think of Hot Spring Spa as the “good neighbor” spa.)
  • The healthiest water care is a no-brainer. Why would you put yourself, your friends or your family in harsh chemicals that dry out your skin, cause more work for you to maintain, and require more water changes? The answer? You don’t! Thanks to Hot Spring’s exclusive new FreshWater Salt System, you will have the peace of mind knowing your tub is always ready, always sanitized, has the fewest chemicals possible, affords the chance to soak in healthy salt water, AND will allow you to change the water in your tub only once a year! Better for you, better for the environment, and less water usage? Yes, please!
  • Don’t take a shortcut on the cover. With nearly everything on a Hot Spring Spa so incredibly easy to use and maintain, why settle for a vinyl cover that will get waterlogged and require replacing over and over and over?? Forget it. The epitome of hot tub covers is here, and it’s called Smartop. This cover is high design and perfectly complements Hot Spring Spas. It’s designed to last the life of your tub, with replaceable parts should something happen down the road that needs attention. And—it will always lock in heat and keep it in your tub—where it belongs! It’s also designed to handle a lot of weight, which means a big dog or child climbing on the cover will NOT crack or break it like a vinyl cover. Cable cover locks secure it when not in use. A kid and pet proof cover is a very good thing. (Also a very good thing in those windstorms we sometimes suffer in the Northwest!) A Smartop is just that—smart.
  • Consider a Bluetooth Music System. Kids love their music. Make sure there’s a fun easy way to enjoy their favorite tunes while taking a soak. They’ll be able to synch their device and play whatever makes them happy on the hot tub. If you want to take the entertainment factor to another level, think about adding a Wireless Entertainment System. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Bluetooth and can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, movies, the game (like some little event called the Super Bowl) and more. Everyone will love it!

There you have it! You’ll find having a hot tub that’s got the whole family in mind will create a place your kids will want to visit regularly. It will be good for their health and well-being, give you a place to make a “hot tub appointment” to find out what’s going on in their lives (hot water is wonderful for getting everyone relaxed and loosening lips for honest meaningful discussions), and their friends will love it too! That means you’ll never wonder where they are—your backyard will become the cool place to hang!

Be the hot tub hero for your family and get a Hot Spring Spa today.