Hot Tub Safety Tips: The Child You Save May Be Your Own

May 28, 2013

Safety-of-Children-in-Hot-TubsThe Child You Save May Be Your Own.

How true.  Most accidents happen at home.

May is National Drowning Awareness Month.  As we go into the summer months where children are going to be around spas & hot tubs,  it’s a good time to revisit child safety.

It’s natural to find a hot tub or spa irresistible. It can also be dangerous if you’re a child.  Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for ages 5 and younger?  The hot tub owner has a duty to be vigilant and diligent so that no child ever comes close to such an accident in your yard.

Here are the key ways you can make your hot tub or spa safe:


Never leave a child alone, out of visual supervision, in or near the spa or hot tub. Not even for a second. No matter how many swimming lessons or how much experience they have. Never allow anyone, no matter how old, to soak without a spotter nearby. Make sure nothing obstructs your view of the spa or hot tub along the line of sight from the house.


When you can’t watch, lock the door or gate to the spa.  The area should be completely enclosed, and make sure no furniture or objects are nearby that a child could climb to top the wall. Keep the doors from the house to the spa area shut and latched, with knobs out of reach of toddlers.  Always lock the cover straps on your Hot Spring Spa cover after you leave the tub.


Follow manufacturer’s directions for safe use of your cover. Remove it completely before using the spa or hot tub. No one should walk or crawl on a floating cover.  If you have an in-ground spa or hot tub, keep toys away so the playing child isn’t attracted to them and falls in accidentally.  For the tops in safe covers consider a Covana with a hard shell top that locks out children and intruders.


Establish “rules of the house” and set a good example yourself! No playful screaming for help (false alarms) that might mask a real emergency. No running or pushing near the hot tub. No diving or jumping into a hot tub. No playing on top of the hot tub cover. They do not support a child’s weight. No playing the “hold your breath underwater” game. No dunking!

I don’t want to sound like a grumpy, spoil sport, but kids do need to be taught and shown what good hot tub manners are.


Have a phone handy to call local emergency numbers if an accident happens.  Know where all electrical switches and circuit breakers for hot tub equipment and lights are located and how to turn them off in an emergency. Learn how to perform CPR. Keep a First Aid kit close by.

Your hot tub or spa is for fun and relaxation.  Knowing that you’ve created a safe space for children will increase your peace of mind and make your hot tub the relaxing place is should be.

Health through water or as the Romans said it SANUM PER AQUA.


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