Hot Tub Proof Your iPhone

April 11, 2013

DryCase Waterproof case for iPhoneThere’s nothing worse than chatting away on your iPhone & suddenly dropping it into the swirling waters of your very hot hot tub.

It’s a heart stopping moment!

Your iPhone’s your life, right? Lose it to the waters and you’re sunk.

Never fret over the possibility of accidentally dropping your iPhone in the hot tub again.

Here’s the solution: DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof bag that allows complete use of your iPhone while keeping it dry and clean.  

Simply pump out all the air with the easy to use hand pump and the bag will vacuum seal around the iPhone and become completely waterproof. The airtight seal guarantees that the iPhone will stay dry even when submerged underwater tested to 100 feet for one hour!

Every DryCASE comes with a buoyant neoprene activity armband and neck lanyard for water sports, and is crystal clear on both sides, perfect for taking pictures or videos.  Integrated 3-way headphone jack, too. The Universal fits all cell phones, digital cameras or mp3 players and has a 1 Year Product Warranty.

Call it an insurance policy.  All it takes is one dunk in the hot tub or any body of water for that matter and you’re facing a major hassle, out major bucks and disrupting your life.

The DryCASE is a must have if you hot tub & iPhone together.  And, it makes a great gift especially to yourself!

Order online or at any of our Olympic Hot Tub stores.


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