Hot Tub Owner Writes: “SilkBalance in our Hot Tub Saves My Wife and Kids from Dry Itchy Skin

November 12, 2010

There’s nothing like hearing from a happy hot tub owner. Brian Shepard emailed his thoughts on SilkBalance natural water care for spas and hot tubs because he’s now able to enjoy his tub. What a concept! That’s why he bought it in the first place. His two bright eyed children are pictured sitting on the cover of the family Hot Spring Vanguard:

” Before we discovered Silk Balance, keeping the chemicals at the right levels in our hot tub seemed to be a constant battle.  In addition, the water left my wife and kids with itchy and dry skin.  My days of driving to the hot tub store to buy lots of chemicals are finally over.  Silk Balance is so easy to use that I sometimes wonder if there must be more that I should be doing.  I simply add 4-ounces of Silk Balance to my Hot Springs Vanguard tub once a week and spend the rest of the time enjoying it with my family.  Silk Balance rocks!

Brian Shepard
Mukilteo, WA
Hot tub model = Hot Springs Vanguard

Switch to SilkBalance, have it auto-shopped to your home and enjoy all of the benefits that Brian writes about.  It’s funny that he questions whether he should be doing more!  That would be true if he were using any other water treatment plan. I’ve used it in my own hot tub- a Hot Spring Prodigy– for two years and couldn’t be happier. It’s easy and no more dry skin!! Try it-I guarantee it will change you life.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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