Hot Tub on Valentine’s Day: How To Create A Memorable Evening

February 8, 2012

Love-Heart's Valentine's DayHere’s news to two-thirds of you men out there: Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. Yes, that Valentine’s Day – February 14.

This Valentine’s Day think bubbles not baubles.  It’s not the expense, it’s the thought that counts.  Make this a memorable Valentine’s Day. You don’t need reservations at a crowded restaurant. You need a few preparations for a cozy evening at home.  Just add water – to your Hot Spring Spa. Use your imagination. Or take some advice:

 ♥  Leave an invitation to the warm, wet rendezvous somewhere she’ll find it.

 ♥  Scrub the tub, light some candles, adjust the temperature, put some mood music on your iPod’s for the floating portable speaker, add some Spazzaz aromatherapy scents, splash in the moonlight under the stars, turn on the tub lights – maybe in a new color.  

  ♥  Put some chilled San Pellegrino sparkling water or hot chocolate within reach, maybe some chocolate-covered strawberries or some Emily’s chocolate covered fortune cookies.

  ♥  Learn some Hand Reflexology techniques for a touching surprise in the tub.

  ♥  Try turning the jets off for a romantic sound of silence. after you’ve had a jet massage.

  ♥   Leave a bottle of wine, maybe Italian bubbly Proseco, on ice for an after-soak toast with some Fran’s Dark Chocolate Truffles – better than an energy-sapping heavy meal, even better than oysters.

Don’t have a hot tub? Then it’s time to get one.  Have a hot tub? Give her some new towels or fluffy terrycloth robes, with a new Spazazz or Magma Onsen Beppu scent for the warm aroma of romance.

Oh, and ladies – here’s your gift to him for this special moment:

 ♥    Don’t feel like you have to talk about your relationship.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Olympic!

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTASPleasure is serious business.


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