Hot Tub Myth Busters: Savvy Shoppers Don’t Believe These Whoppers

August 13, 2012

Purchasing a hot tub is a large investment and you want to get it right the first time. After all, if you’re like the majority of buyers, you’re buying one to relax. Why not begin to relax with making the buying process simple and stress-less?

For most people a hot tub is not something they’ve owned or purchased in the past.  So, where do you start to be a savvy shopper and get the perfect, most relaxing hot tub for you?

Here are 5 hot tub myths that we’re busting out!  They’re NOT TRUE!  Savvy shoppers take note. Read this now and AVOID  the headaches you’ll have if you fall for these whoppers.

 • HOT TUB MYTH #1: You can save money by buying a cheap hot tub.

MYTH BUSTER: If you’ve lived on the planet for any length of time, you know you get what you pay for.  A cheap hot tub may cost less upfront, but it will cost you far more over the long term. Cheap hot tubs are less expensive because they have less (or no) insulation, less efficient pumps and heaters, thin covers, and cut other costs during manufacturing that will cost you more money over time. Since cheap hot tubs are less efficient than more (initially) expensive, energy-efficient models, they have higher operating costs. The components tend to breakdown frequently and the warranty will be shorter. You’ll be on the hook for costly repairs when the warranty ends and a high energy bill for every month you own it.

 • HOT TUB MYTH #2:  The more jets a hot tub has, the better.

MYTH BUSTER: The number of jets a hot tub is NOT a predictor of how much you’ll enjoy a hot tub. Jets in today’s hot tubs take many forms.  Some jets massage while others pulsate. Some jets are positioned just perfectly for your body but may not get someone else’s  sore spots. The type, strength, and position of jets are far more important than the overall total number. That’s why it’s vital to test soak in the model you’re considering BEFORE you buy to feel if the jets are right for you.

 • HOT TUB MYTH #3: If you have an ozone system, you won’t need to add chemicals.

MYTH BUSTER: This statement is so false, it’s scary. And, it’s hot tub sales people spread who spread this myth. It’s absolutely not true. Ozone reduces the need for spa chemicals, but doesn’t do the whole job. With ozone you still need chlorine or shock to completely sanitize your hot tub. Read the hot tub manufacturer’s owners’ manual, most are on line for all to read. That’s where you’ll get the straight scoop on what you need.  There is not one hot tub on the market with an owners’ manual that tells you no sanitizers or other chemicals are needed.  A great alternative to ozone systems that uses fewer chemicals overall is  Hot Spring Spa’s ACE Salt Water Sanitizing system. It turns salt & water into active cleaners that have no odors, make your skin soft & eliminate the need for other chemicals. It’s fully integrated into the hot tub itself so it’s hands free & automatic. How’s that for simple, safe & effective?

HOT TUB MYTH#4: Hot tubs need the most powerful pumps possible.

MYTH BUSTER: Powerful pumps require more energy, which means higher operating costs.   Many people complain about the too high jet pressure from hot tubs with powerful pumps. You’re trying to relax not get beaten up! You must try the model you’re considering before you buy to determine if the jet pressure is right for you. You’ll enjoy your hot tub and have lower operating costs when you buy a hot tub with the right sized pump for the number and kind of jets built into it.

 • HOT TUB MYTH #5: You don’t have to try a hot tub before you buy.

MYTH BUSTER: This couldn’t be more wrong. The myth has been spread by hot tub retailers who don’t provide wet hot tubs for you to try. If you walk into a hot tub store with no operating hot tubs, walk out. Hot tubs without water are a sure sign that their hot tubs are noisy, hard to care for (the sales people don’t want to do it!), and that they use chemicals you wouldn’t want to bathe in! You must try before you buy to get the best hot tub for you.!

Bottom line: quality counts, cheaper is NOT better, unless you have an integrated salt system like Hot Spring Spas’ ACE system you will need chemicals,jets are only as good as they feel good for you, high powered pumps are not a guarantee of  better jets or relaxation, and, most important TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

Relax for life


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