Hot Tub In The Rain

November 17, 2011

The weather forecast says rain tomorrow and rain for the foreseeable days ahead. The rains (and maybe snow) are here and we many not see a break for weeks. Too, the Farmers’ Almanac forecasts a very hard winter here in the northwest.

How to cope with the gray? How to avoid sinking into a depressing malaise? Or, how to stay home without breaking the bank taking a winter sun break?

Soak in your hot tub!

Almost nothing beats a nice soak in a hot tub, after a long, strenuous day of hard work! The hot water soothes pains away, loosens up cramped muscles, and the billions of bubbles tickles your skin. The water vapor rises to your nose and breathing in the steam loosens up congestion. When you leave the hot tub, you feel relaxed and drowsy – ready for a good night’s sleep. It is a wonderful experience each and every time!

It was raining lightly as we soaked in our Hot Spring Spa last night. A light wind blew in our faces. We’d just come home from the opening film at the Italian Film Festival at SIFF with wet shoes from walking to our car. Our noses were cold. We were tired. The film was too depressing for words.

We headed to the hot tub.

The hot tub water felt delicious. There’s no other word for it. Delicious!

The contrast between the cold, windy air and the hot steaming water was heavenly. The perfect temperature, the perfect silkiness (thanks to SilkBalance) and the perfect jets massaging tired shoulders. What a treat!

How could we pull off this act of spontaneity?  We were prepared.  Our Hot Spring Spa stays hot 24/7. For less than $20. a month, it’s always ready when we are. The water quality is always perfect thanks to SilkBalance-a once a week addition keeps the hot tub sparkling clean and odor free.  That’s all there is to it. No mixing, not testing, no chemistry set.

It rains in Seattle…that’s why hot tub soaking here is so great. Don’t let a little rain stop you from hot tubbing.  Soaking in the rain is hot tub bliss. Make time every night to soak and give your mood the endorphin boost you’ll need to get through the winter. And, be prepared for that nightly soak! Check out SilkBalance-simple, natural, simply better hot tub water care.

Where do you go to relax?

SANUM PER AQUA.  Latin for Health through Water.


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