Hot Tub in a Treehouse-How Cool is that??

October 9, 2008

October 9th, 2008 – When Shara and Scott Di Valerio wanted to build a deck for their hot tub in the woods on their five acres east of Seattle near Poulsbo, they had a 12-by-12-foot platform in mind.  During the planning process, they fell in love with their majestic view of Mount Rainier viewed from a stand of pines.  Their perspective changed. Their original simple platform grew into a virtual treehouse complex: hot tub, living room (with phone, cable and Internet), writing alcove and observation platforms.  It also has a suspension bridge and 100-foot zipline. This is definitely NOT a kids’ tree fort.  A typical evening among the gently swaying firs involves several grown-ups, a dip in the hot tub, Champagne and a few rounds of canasta.  “It’s a way to be in nature, ” Shara Di Valerio said.  “Although it’s a luxurious kind of nature. It isn’t camping.”  So inviting was the concept of  the hot tubbing treehouse that the New York Times featured it on Sunday, October 5th in the Key magazine.

Their luscious at home retreat was built by TreeHouse Workshop, a Seattle firm that built a dozen treehouses last year.  If any single person is responsible for the treehouse renaissance, it’s Peter Nelson who founded TreeHouse Workshop in 1997 with a partner.  “I started more as a builder, ” Nelson said, “but I’ve come to understand that what I’m really after is a place in nature.  To be among the trees is pretty powerful stuff.”  Nelson echos what our customers tell us repeatedly. It just doesn’t get any better than being in nature in your hot tub.  Check out the other treehouses in the Workshop’s portfolio. And, Nelson is the author of four books on treehouses.  Who knows…there might be a treehouse in your future complete with hot tub!

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is a serious business!