Hot Tub Filters: Everything You Need To Know

July 27, 2011

Hot tub filters have been on my mind since I heard about a customer who went to the Lacey store last week. He bought a Hot Spring Spa from me 28 years ago. He replaced that original set only last week!! This not a typo! He kept the original set of filters for 28 years.  I’m sure you realize that this was so wrong.

Ensure the best water quality for your family hot tub. The goal is clean, clear water with a minimum of chemicals and fuss on your part. Filters help the most towards that goal. Replace filters every 2-3 years-or 5 years for TRI-X-the brand exclusive to Hot Spring  Spas..

Old, dirty filters do not help YOU or your hot tub..


· The spa filter is brown (paper bag in color), gray or green or if it stays a dark yellow color after cleaning.

· The spa or hot tub has been transferred to a new owner.

· The filtering element (the pleated part) becomes flat and loses its fibrous sheen.

· The hot tub filter top or bottom has a crack or split.

· The hot tub filter element starts to shred or come apart.


Clean filters thoroughly at least every 4-6 weeks depending on frequency and number of bathers.

Always clean when you drain and refill the hot tub for best water quality. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. First, hose filters off with a high-pressure nozzle. The hand-held water wand (link to water wand page) that attaches to your hose is perfect for the job. Second, we recommend using our SeaKlear Spa Filter Cleaner Spray. Cold water alone does noting more than remove any debris that’s lodged in the filter pleats. You need a cleaner to melt the body oil, suntan lotion, etc. that causes filters to clog up


Clogged filters more are common than you might think. Filters can appear to be clean visually, yet be plugged enough to cause flow and heater problems. The top reason hot tub owners call our service department: no heat. Over 90% of the time ‘no heat” is the result of clogged filters. There’s nothing wrong with the heater, but the high limit switch has shut the heater off (to protect it from overheating) due to restricted water flow.

Use ScumBugs in your hot tub. They soak up oils that would otherwise clog filters. Replace every three months or when saturated.

Owning TWO sets of filters is worth it! Use on an alternating basis; the clean set in the hot tub; the dirty set soaking.· A Hot Spring Spa provides completely balanced filtration, which means the square footage of your filters has been carefully matched to the gallons per minute flow rate of your spa.

Use only filters certified by your hot tub manufacturer as genuine for that brand. Do not take a chance on generic, brand X filters. For example, genuine Hot Spring filters have been specifically engineered to ensure your Hot Spring Spa has clean, sparkling water day after day.

If you need new hot tub filters, visit one of our 6 locations today or order online from our estore.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.