Hot tub fact! A hot tub is more therapeutic than a car wash

June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020 – The things that are being shared right now as a way to relax are getting a tad crazy!

At Olympic, we love Scott Iverson dearly. Scott is the National Sales Trainer for Hot Spring Spas. I’ve known Scotty for 25 years! He was our local rep with Hot Spring when I started with Olympic in sales in 1995. He’s a stellar human being and always has wonderful insight and words of wisdom.

Yesterday, he shared the funniest little video with all of us. He was in his vehicle as it was going through the car wash. Why? Well, he explained that on the news in San Diego yesterday they were reporting that the time in your car while going through a car wash was good therapy! People are having such a difficult time finding a place to be alone and have time to just close their eyes for a few minutes, and the news report claimed a car wash was a great place to achieve this.

Now, Scott was delivering this info to us loudly over the thumping and sloshing of the car wash assaulting his vehicle for its cleaning. How anyone would find that particular environment an ideal spot to get some much needed therapy was quite humorous. I got a good early morning laugh watching it.

It really brought home yet again how fantastic hot tubs are, now more than ever. I mean really…If you’re looking for a place to escape, close your eyes, and get that much needed therapy and quiet time? I would pick a hot tub any day of the week over a five-minute sojourn through the car wash.

This is a unique time in the world, and certainly a unique time in my professional career. The desire for a hot tub at home has skyrocketed. People are realizing they need the health and wellness benefits of hot tubbing in the solace of their own home, and absolutely want to have it available should the need arrive again to shelter at home for an extended period. And, since regular hot tub soaks do wonders to boost your immune system, it’s a smart thing to have available every single day.

If you’re one of those struggling to find some time in the day to get some much needed quiet time and therapy, I hope you’ll think about a Hot Spring Spa. I promise it will be far better than the car wash!