August 18, 2008

Scenario: You’ve been invited over to the neighbors or a friends to test out their new hot tub. What to do? Etiquette is often defined as the art of making everyone feel comfortable socially.

Here are a few tips to make the date go smoothly.

  1. Nude or not nude? Ask the owners. There is nothing more embarrassing than stripping to the buff only to find your hosts in bathing suits.If nude is the order of the day and you feel uncomfortable with nudity, tell your hosts. As gracious hosts, it is their option to wear suits or simply tell you that they have a no suit policy.
    A mixed group of suits and nudity doesn’t work for either group. Decide as a group which it will be! Either way, do only what’s comfortable for you!
  2. Laundry soap residue and hot tubs are a bad combo. If suits are worn, make sure yours is rinsed thoroughly. And, please no t-shirts, or cut offs. Even after rinsing, they’ll likely create a mountain of bubbly foam when the jets are turned on.
  3. B. Y. O. T. Bring your own towels and enough for your entourage. Pack ’em in and pack ’em out. Your host will love you for it.
  4. It’s a hot tub–not a bathtub. Please wash off off all of the lotion, deodorant and sweat before soaking in a hot tub.
  5. Stay out if you have open cuts or sores and never discuss your scars! Birthmarks, warts or scars, yours or others, are not appropriate for discussion.
  6. “This hot tub is G-Rated.” If you’re with your lover, hold the passions until you reach dry land. Better yet, get your own hot tub.
  7. No foamy stuff, please! Do not introduce bubble bath, bath oil or any foreign substances into the hot tub without the owner’s permission.
  8. No posteriors for posterity. If you absolutely have to take pictures, please get permission first. Remember: what happens in the tub stays in the tub.
  9. No chips when you dip. Potato chips or other snack foods, if spilled, make a gummy mess that’s hard to clean up. Food for wet fingers should be light not messy. Fruit is always a good choice.
  10. Alcohol + hot tub= health risk. Hot water is a stimulant, and alcohol a depressant on your system.Alcohol’s effects are felt very swiftly in a hot tub at 104°.Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and save the alcohol for after soaking.
  11. Don’t hog the jets! Many hot tubs today have different types of jets at each seat. By changing seats, you’ll get to feel the effects of each jet .
  12. Pets in hot tubs are not recommended both for the pet and the water quality!
  13. Never, ever leave children alone in a hot tub.

New hot tub owner? Consider sharing these etiquette tips with guests.