Hot Tub Buyers Guide: Get the Facts on Hot Tub Warranties

September 5, 2011

When you’re shopping for a hot tub, it’s easy to get confused. There’s so many conflicting stories from salespeople and so much misinformation especially regarding hot tub warranties.

Of course you want value for your money and a shortcut through the shopping process. How can you tell if you’re getting a hot tub with a warranty that really is a warranty and worth more than the paper it’s printed on?  Ask these questions before you buy.

1. IS THE HOT TUB MADE BY A PUBLIC COMPANY?  Here’s a little known fact: Hot Spring Spas are the only hot tubs made by a public company.  They’re a division of  MASCO– a Fortune 500 company that focuses on manufacturing and distribution of building products and branded consumer products like Delta Faucets, Behr Paint, Weiser Locks, etc-for the home improvement and construction markets.

What does that have to do with the warranty you’re thinking… There’s a piece of legislation called Sarbanes-Oxley that was passed after the Enron scandal of a few years ago. Sarbanes-Oxley makes public companies accountable and more transparent.  In the case of  Hot Spring Spas, they must put enough money to cover the warranty into an escrow account (that does not generate interest!!!) for each and every hot tub they make. The amount has to cover every year of the warranty for every model.  No other hot tub on the market has this kind of  warranty assurance that is your guarantee of performance.

2.  CAN I SEE THE WARRANTY AND  READ IT? Is the warranty in a brochure or online for me to download a copy? Take a look at Hot Spring’s unparalled warranty. When shopping for a hot tub, dare the salesperson to show you a warranty that is this good. (Hint: if the salesperson says you’ll get the warranty when they deliver the hot tub, leave the store. Run. Don’t walk!) They can’t. There’s only one hot tub company that offers the best warranty on the market and, that’s Hot Spring Spas:

7-year limited Surface/Structural Warranty.

5-year Component Warranty.

5-year No-Fault® Heater Warranty.

5-year “No Leak” Plumbing Warranty.

Five year Everwood Cabinet Warranty.

By the way, a so-called Lifetime Warranty of any product is limited to 7 years in Washington state. Lifetime, smiftime. Don’t fall for that one.

3. WHO WILL PREFORM THE WARRANTY SERVICE? The next thing to consider after reading the warranty is to ask,”OK, well and good, but WHO will perform the warranty service?” At Olympic Hot Tub Company, we schedule an appointment at your home after one call to our Service Center.  One of our factory-trained technicians will be there promptly. No third-party service which is your guarantee of long waits &  poor service.  You’ll be back in hot water faster, guaranteed.

4. WILL THAT COMPANY ANSWER THEIR PHONE?!  You may think this sounds obvious-the answering the phone part, but there are some companies that NEVER answer their “service” number. I’m not making this up! I’ve said for years that I’d be rich if I had 5 cents for every call from a disgruntled hot tub buyer who purchased brand X either from a local dealer (R____’s) or somewhere in space online who called and said, “My hot tub’s not working and I can’t reach the service department of “_____”.  The phone just rings and rings.”  (Names of these offenders on request).  We did an experiment for a shopper who was considering an online hot tub from a nationwide big box warehouse store headquartered in Issaquah. We called the service number provided for hot tubs.  It was still ringing, unanswered after 1 1/2 hours. At Olympic, we answer our phone!!  We originated the “Just Call Us Warranty Service” .

4. WILL THE WARRANTY WORK BE DONE AT MY HOME? You won’t have to send parts to a far off factory, either which is the case with some warranties.  Did you know that some manufacturers require that you pay the freight (each way) because your hot tub will need to be serviced at their “factory”? This can amount to almost as much as a new tub, if you purchased a cheap one.

Olympic has a fully-stocked parts department for all Hot Spring Spa models and the vans of our technicians are fully stocked to enable them to fix your spa on the first trip should anything go wrong. And, you can count on 100% warranty coverage for the life of the warranty with no hidden pro-rating. Our “Just Call Us Warranty Service” is the best in the business.

Be a smart shopper. See the warranty; read the warranty. These days value for your money is more important than ever. You want peace of mind when you soak and you can relax knowing that you’re fully covered with a Hot Spring Spa from Olympic! Nobody backs you better.

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS EST. Pleasure is serious business.