Hot Spring Adds New Model to the Limelight Collection-the Amazing Bolt

February 27, 2012

How about making your best days even better by taking the time to recharge? Imagine the swirling hot waters of a Hot Spring spa that provide relaxation and rejuvenation on a daily basis.  Just 15-20 minutes a day will change your life from stressed to calm.

Introducing the new Hot Spring Limelight Collection Bolt®.  Now you can maximize your pleasure as your relax with a strikingly innovative design that incorporates stunning points of multi-colored light, stainless steel hydro massage jets.

Even with your eyes closed you’ll appreciate the subtleties of a design that fits your body and captures your unique sense of style.  The Limelight Bolt is the most convenient hot tub to use on a daily basis. It’s always hot and ready when you are.  The control panel is “set it and forget it”.  Nothing to program. Nothing to forget.  And, you can relax fully knowing your Limelight Bolt is extremely energy efficient with a fully-foamed cabinet and quality that’s clearly built-in.

Plus, the 115/20amp set-up with a 220V option makes getting into hot water easier than you think. When you see the Bolt, it will hit you that this is your perfect relaxation spot. You never dreamed that so much pleasure could come in such a small space-the Bolt is 6’8” x 6’ 8” x 33”.

A Hot Spring Limelight Collection Bolt will add pizazz to your life without going over-budget. It’s offers great value at a small price.

Choose a Limelight Bolt today to:

•  Deliver maximum comfort seating for 4 adults or a dream retreat for 2

•  Transform your backyard into an entertainment paradise

•  Be dazzled by a lighting system that will light up your nights

•  Experience vigorous jet massage in a small space.

•  Find no-noise operation with the SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump and a hot tub that “set and forget. It’s ready when you are. Order the Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System and bring the ocean to your hot tub!

•  Maximize your hot tubbing experience with entertainment options like wireless sound and or TV or an MP3 player.

•  Simplify and enjoy clean, clear water with EverFresh technology coupled with SilkBalance® natural water care included with every Bolt from Olympic Hot Tub.

•  Relax knowing your Bolt is covered by Hot Spring Spas 5 year warranty and backed by Olympic Hot Tub’s Peace of Mind Guarantee.

•  Discover high tech water care with the ACE® Salt Water Care option, which keeps your water pure and luxurious automatically.





The Limelight collection Bolt will arrive at our stores in mid to late March. We’re taking orders for the new Bolt for delivery around that time, too.   Once they were unveiled at the Hot Spring Dealer Trade Show in Orlando last month,  all of the initial production was snapped up in a flash.   Like it? Call Olympic Hot Tub 1-800 448-8814 and sign up for one of the first ones off the truck.  You’ll have the best relaxation spot in the neighborhood guaranteed.

Res severa est verum gaudium. True Pleasure is a serious business.


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