Having a Hot Tub Party? Remember our Top-10 Tips for Child Safety

August 8, 2017

August 8, 2017 – Weren’t we just celebrating the start of summer? Even though our beloved season is on the wane, we still have one more long and laborless weekend to enjoy. So fire up the barby, and open up the hot tub, because your friends are on their way over. Before your Labor Day party begins, we recommend that you establish some safety guidelines, or revisit your “spa rules” if they already exist, especially if your guests include children.  Let safety be the foundation of your fun.


  1. Pretend your hot tub is a pool. And set your hot tub safety standards accordingly. No children in the hot tub without vigilant adults present, ever!
  2. Make sure your hot tub cover can and will be locked. It’s wise to supervise. Keep all visitors, children or otherwise, from using the tub when you’re not there.
  3. Join little ones in the tub. This maximizes their safety, and minimize the fear factor. Turning the jets off will make your hot tub seem less intimidating to smaller children. Once they feel more at ease you can turn the air on, but at a lower level to begin. Keep in mind that little ones may not have the strength and body weight to steady themselves in front of strong jets. Hold onto them until they’re able to withstand the force and maintain control on their own.
  4. Cool the tub. Turn down the heat. Especially for young children who are first-timers. Let them ease into the hot tub, a toe to begin, then a foot, and so on. Turn the tub down to 100-degrees or lower for their inaugural dip, until they feel comfortable with the temperature.
  5. Pre-teens and teens: a different set of rules. The party rules change for older, bigger, more energetic kids. Regarding horseplay, running, diving, splashing water out of your tub: No way! No how! Keep your eyes peeled when these adolescent frolickers inhabit your hot tub. No electronics that start with an “I” or any other letter, are allowed in the tub, unless they’re a bonafide accessory of your hot tub.
  6. Forewarned is for…well you know. State the rules up front and be that “spa cop”. Spa toys are toys, but other accessories are not. Oh yeah, don’t let anyone jump on the cover!
  7. Are they flushed? Keep an eye out for red faces. Kids will soak beyond safe limits. If they look too hot, have them get out for a few minutes, or at least hang out on the edge of the tub, and dangle their feet. After they’ve cooled down, they can reenter the tub.
  8. Keep them hydrated. Have refreshments nearby. Juices and water are ideal. And remember. Water + Kids =hungry kids, so have plenty of munchies for them when they’re done hot tubbing…not before. You don’t want snacks spilled in your hot tub…it can be an ugly mess. Lastly, avoid broken glass and/or pottery by using non-breakable cups and plates around you hot tub.
  9. It’s a hot tub, not a hot bathtub. Nobody, kids included, should be allowed to add anything to your hot tub. That means no bubble bath or soap… ever!
  10. Stow your spa chemicals. For safety’s sake lock them up and out of reach.


Practice an ounce of prevention, and you’ll enjoy 350-gallons of hot tubbing pleasure! Here’s hoping you make this a Labor Day party to remember!