Have Tattoos and Want to Hot Tub Without Fading?

June 30, 2010

I don’t have any tattoos myself, but many of our Olympic Hot Tub Company customers do. I hadn’t thought of the bad effects most hot tubs would have on tattoos like fading and dry ashy skin that looks like fading. That is, until I received this email from a SilkBalance user:

My husband and I have had our hot tub for 2 years now and have always hoped for a product like SilkBalance that would not dry our skin as the chlorine products have done.

My husband and I both have tattoos and have been concerned about the drying and damage these products could do.

Last summer we found your product, were and still are very pleased with how easy it is to use, how clear it keeps the water, but most of all how soft it keeps our skin. We no longer worry about the damage to our tattoos and skin.

We have and will continue to recommend SilkBalance to our friends who have hot tubs and those who are thinking about making a purchase.

Thank you again for SilkBalance,

Mike and Teri Tosh

Marysville, WA

So, how to hot tub AND keep your tattoos clear and vivid? How to avoid dry, itchy skin after hot tub soaking? Use SilkBalance for soft skin and radiant tattoos.  Check it out! Read the many testimonials from happy users. Available on our e-store and all store locations. Stop in for a demo by placing your hand in a hot tub that uses SilkBalance and compare with one that doesn’t. You’ll feel the difference instantly.  I use SilkBalance in my own hot tub for always perfect water balance without testing or mixing AND soft skin.



Latin for Health through Water

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