June 15, 2009

It’s always a good thing to start off a Monday with a glowing testimonial. Val Miller, Manager of our Seattle store, forwarded this email she received today.  It’s all the more prized because Mr. Johnsen purchased the hot tub sight unseen over the phone!  He wrote:

Hi Val,

Thanks so much for all your help with my recent hot tub purchase. We have spoken many times on the phone, but it is a testimony to your professionalism and ability to build trust with people that I purchased my hot tub sight-unseen after simply discussing it with you on the phone. Later, when my girlfriend and I had a chance to actually see the tub, it was exactly as you had described.

The delivery was scheduled and I hustled to construct a suitable deck in my back yard. You provided the name of a trusted builder so I could make sure I built the deck so it would easily support the tub weight, and he was extremely helpful. I was running late on the delivery day (they were right on time, dang it!) but I really appreciated the cooperative spirit of the delivery guys, who easily slid the tub onto the small scrap of finished portion of deck (all I could get done by the delivery date). They even waited around without complaint for 10 minutes as I placed the remaining three deck boards under where the tub was to go. The follow up after delivery was excellent also, and I have been singing Olympic’s praises to everyone I see. Good value, excellent service, and a quality product. Thanks again, and feel free to show this letter to any prospective client who is thinking of buying a tub from you. If they have questions, they can contact me
at the cell number below. (Phone number available upon request: alice@olympichottub.com)


Mr. Johnsen purchased a Hot Spot Mallorca for his home on Bainbridge Island. It was installed in February and as you can tell from his email he’s been happily soaking ever since.

The photo at left shows the Mallorca. Hot Spot Spas are hot and ready for a quick soak any time. Just settle in, soak up the warmth, and relax as muscle aches and stress disappear. Choose from three models in the Hot Spot family, lean back, and truly relax, because you know your high-quality spa is from the makers of  Hot Spring® spas – the world’s number one selling brand. Once you own a Hot Spot Spa, you’ll wonder how you got through the day without it-just like Dave Johnsen.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.