Great gifts for the hot tub lovin’ Dad

June 12, 2019

June 12, 2019 – I don’t know about you, but I can barely believe that it’s June. I just went to breakfast this morning with friends who are fellow Hot Spring dealers in California. Their two kids just graduated from elementary school and middle school. It’s that end of year school time—and yes, it’s nearly Father’s Day! It’s just around the corner on Sunday, June 16th.

We’ve got plenty of dads out there who are also hot tub lovers. If you have one of those guys in your family and want to treat them to something great for the tub, consider one of these gift ideas.

  • If you have a Hot Spring Spa, there’s a good chance you have a model that could be outfitted with our popular Bluetooth Music System. Wrap an iTunes gift card up (or if he’s like me and still like the idea of CD’s, maybe a couple new ones he’d like) and attach a card to surprise him with a Bluetooth Music addition for his hot tub. He’d love it!
  • If he’s someone who thinks the idea of watching a great game or the latest on Netflix while in the tub, you could add our Wireless HD Monitor to the tub to work along with that Bluetooth Music System. The 22” monitor streams all your favorite shows right to the tub. Makes it a cool way to take in the Super Bowl or any other playoff, too.
  • If your dad just can’t leave his phone or tablet in the house when he’s soaking (because he loves to feel connected!), think about getting him a DryCase. This terrific product seals your devices up tight to prevent water from causing an issue. Not only is It great for the hot tub, they’re terrific to use if you’re a runner, for boating, swimming, or any other occasion where water is in the mix. Options are available for both the phone and tablet.
  • Now, if your entire family is a hot tub family (as it should be!) and you’ve got a Hot Spring Spa that’s older, now may be the perfect time to celebrate with a new hot tub. This year, the entire line of Hot Spring Spas have so many terrific upgrades that make it absolutely worth considering. We now have 14 models, so you’re sure to find the perfect tub for you. The new Triumph is a space efficient model that features two lounges and has been receiving rave reviews from folks who have soaked in it. And, with all Hot Spring models equipped with FreshWater Salt Systems, you’ll get to soak in healthy water with fewer chemicals needed and fewer water changes. (That means less work for everyone taking care of the tub and more time enjoying it!)

However you choose to celebrate the day, I hope your hot tub will be part of the festivities. Make sure it’s clean, hot and ready, and treat dad to some quality time with everyone relaxing in the tub.