August 24, 2008

We all get our best ideas when we’re relaxed. The right brain is the source of creativity because it has a diffuse view. The left brain is the analytical “do it now”, focused part of our brains responsible for language and mathematical ability. Only during a state of relaxation does the right brain “speak to us”. To get those great ideas from the right brain to bubble up and to actually be able to “hear” them, make relaxation a daily habit. Hot tubbing turns the “aahs!” uttered when you’re sinking into the bliss of hot water into ahas” of ideas!

Many people buy hot tubs to relax but don’t realize that the added benefit of inspiration will be theirs, too. If you work at home, having a hot tub can help your draw the line between work and home. Many home-based workers buy a hot tub and discover it helps them create that dividing line. They shut the computer off at 5:30, go out to the hot tub, soak for 20 minutes and then come home.

One customer told me that she got many great ideas while soaking, but hadn’t found a way to save them. “The paper gets wet!” she told me. I sent her a waterproof tablet with waterproof (but erasable marker) that deep sea divers use. She loved it. An even better idea would be a waterproof notebook-popular with contractors in our rainy Northwest: Use the notebook and you’ll have a record of your best brain waves.