Freeflow Spas Ranked #1 for Quality AND Value in National Survey

October 15, 2013

Freeflow Spas Ranked #1 in Value by SpaRetailer MagazinrIn July 2013 SpaRetailer Magazine recognized Freeflow™ Spas as a spa manufacturer that consistently provides a superior dealer experience based on independently udited dealer satisfaction surveys.

Well, the results of that survey are in and guess what?  Freeflow Spas ranked #1 in Overall Product Quality after 1 year, and #1 in Overall Product Value!   

What does that mean?  It means if you’re out shopping for a rotationally molded, affordable hot tub – you’re on the right track! 

Freeflow Spas outranked more than a dozen participating hot tub brands to earn these independent accolades from hot tub professionals related to hot tub quality after 1- year and product value. 

Durability? You got it! Freeflow Spas are rotationally molded, which makes them extremely durable since the inside shell and outside cabinet are all one piece and made of RokSolid™ polyethylene resin. 

All the components on the inside (you know, the stuff that actually makes the hot tub run) are all tried and true and can be found inside other, more expensive hot tub brands. 

And a Freeflow won’t run up your monthly electric bill either!  Each hot tub is fully foamed and insulated, to keep that water temperature up and those energy bills down.  Some hot tub manufacturers have taken to using pillowcase-like bags of foam stuffed into the spa and calling that “full foam” insulation. (Give me a break!) Freeflow on the other hand, actually sprays foam into the cabinet, which then expands to fill every nook and cranny up to the equipment compartment, ensuring as little heat loss as possible.  Now THAT’s full foam insulation. 

 A product can have a small price tag, but if it’s not offering a great user experience, where’s the value?

Independently owned and operated hot tub dealers nationwide ranked Freeflow Spas #1 in Value within its class for several reasons, all of which center on the amount of enjoyment users get from our them, in exchange for very little out of their pocket. These hot tubs feature items that are commonly found in more premium spas, such as digital top- side controls, waterfalls, ice buckets and stainless steel jets.

And price?  Freeflow’s low price tags come largely from their manufacturing process.  Rotationally molded hot tub are the result of a much more automated and less labor-intensive process than thermo-forming a traditional acrylic hot tub.  The result? A more affordable hot tub.

In order for a manufacturer to be considered as a subject for this survey, they needed a minimum of 50 dealers within North America who had purchased their product within the last 12-months, proving that the manufacturer and product were relevant and active in the market place.

Purchasing a hot tub from a TradeCertified© manufacturer, like Freeflow Spas, means that Olympic Hot Tub has selected one of the most reputable spa manufacturers in North America. You can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the best performing hot tub within its class.

Curious? Want to find out more? Come see & try a Freeflow Spa at Olympic Hot Tub.

Thanks to Freeflow Spas for the information in this post.

As the Romans said it, Sanum Per Aqua. Health through water.

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