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Fall is here! When the windstorms come this season, will your hot tub be ready?

October 9, 2018

Smartop Deco FinishOctober 9, 2018 – Last week one of my team members noted that, with every fall and winter, the Northwest tends to be susceptible to some pretty blustery days. Some of those days end up being not just windy, but wild and raucous enough to blast your cover off your tub and launch it like you’re Mary Poppins heading skyward with your umbrella. He recounted these notable storm statistics he lifted from the University of Washington’s site:

  • January 29, 1921—Winds reached 113 mph with gusts up to 150 mph. (Yikes!!)
  • October 12, 1962—The Columbus Day Storm that seems to receive much notoriety in people’s memory. Winds came in at 100 mph in Renton, 88 mph in Tacoma, 83 mph in Seattle and 80 mph on Whidbey Island. Significant damage was reported all around.
  • February 13, 1979—Winds whipped up to 100 mph; this particular storm sank the Hood Canal Bridge.
  • January 30, 1993—100 mph winds were recorded at several coastal sites during this Inaugural Day Storm.

Winds like this bring a lot of unpleasant results, from power outages and downed trees to—you guessed it—damaged and suddenly gone hot tub covers. While you can’t always avoid this casualty, there are a few things you can think about doing to ready your tub for the storms ahead. Here are five tips.

  • Make sure all the cover locks on your hot tub cover are in good working order. They don’t last forever! The plastic these are made of do get brittle over time from exposure to the elements and UV rays. Our Service Center can get a set of replacement locks sent to you.
  • When you’re done using your tub, be sure all four cover locks are engaged. This will help keep your cover in place. (Just remember to UNLOCK them before you get ready to use your tub—you don’t want to accidentally break them.)
  • Think about adding windstraps. If you’re in an area especially susceptible to high winds, this extra aid could make a huge difference. We have two terrific options: traditional windstraps and the amazing Steelcore Straps. These straps have steel cables in the design to give unparalleled “oomph” and help keep the cover on your tub. They also have terrific locks for extra security when your tub is left unattended.
  • If it’s time for a new cover, of course order up, as it improves your tub’s energy efficiency for the cold months ahead. You could give your tub an instant upgrade and make it look more beautiful with a Smartop. This outstanding option is designed to be impervious to taking on water and features steel cable cover locks to keep that cover in place. The smart design will also help keep the wind from getting a foothold between the tub shell and the cover and taking flight. You’ll love it for plenty of reasons!

We’ll certainly have windy days ahead! You can either feel more like Winnie the Pooh on a blustery day or realize your hot tub covers been blown to Oz on a near cyclone! Contact our Service Center today and we’ll help you safeguard your tub’s cover from the coming winds.