End Back Pain Now With A Hot Tub Soak

January 10, 2013

Hot tub to ease back pain.Suffer from back pain? The Hot Tub Has Your Back. Start the New Year right and resolve to end your back pain forever.

Here’s how: Soaking in warm water with massage jets can ease back pain. Yes, it’s true and verified by millions.

Modern research is now confirming what back pain sufferers from Rome to Russia and Greece to Japan have known for years: soaking in warm water eases pain, encourages blood flow, and promotes relaxation.

Hot tub soaking is one of few ways people with back pain can get relief outside of surgery & pain medication.

A 1995 study in the British Journal of Rheumatology showed that hot tub therapy has both short- and long-term benefits for people with lower back pain. A later study confirmed that people with spa treatments had less pain duration and intensity and greater back flexibility than a control group that received only medication after three weeks. And, that group was still improving and taking less pain medicine after six months.

Ice first, then Heat.

Heat therapy is prescribed to treat back pain after an initial two or three days of ice therapy.  Heating pads and hot packs can help, but nothing beats a hot tub for surrounding the body with soothing warmth that relaxes muscles, reduces muscle spasms, increases blood flow and promotes tissue healing.

Heat also feels good or, as the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculorskeletal and Skin Diseases says, “alters the sensation of pain.”  That’s the endorphin effect.  You just plain feel better.

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A hot tub that can do all that is a bargain, considering that millions of Americans spend $50 billion dollars a year fighting back pain – it’s the No. 2 reason for going to the doctor, after colds and flu.

Check with your physician before using hot tub hydrotherapy, and you might get a prescription to help get insurance coverage for some of the cost. Don’t use the hot tub if you’re on medication that makes you sleepy, and follow instructions for water temperature and time in the tub.

Many Olympic Hot Tub  customers get extraordinary back pain relief from the Moto-massage jet on many Hot Spring Spas. The jet sweeps up and down your back for a full, soothing massage.

Suffer no more. Ask your doctor for a prescription for back pain relief.  Come take a test soak and feel how different seating arrangements, jets and water pressure ease stubborn back pain. Enjoy the warm, soaking relief, just like our ancestors in their ancient hot baths.

Adapted from Arthritis Today, compiled and edited by Mary Anne Dunkin.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through water.


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