Elevate your day with ten minutes of hot tub meditation

July 20, 2018

July 20, 2018 – One of the terrific benefits of regular hot tub soaks is the ability to just close your eyes and take some time without the jets running to escape. If you’d like to take that quiet time and elevate its ability to impact your health even more, consider a ten-minute meditation session in your hot tub.

Meditation has been shown to have some of the same health benefits that hot tub soaking provides: it helps lower your blood pressure and increases circulation. It also helps you alleviate some of the stress built up during the day. Why not partner the two and really capitalize on what meditation in a hot tub can do for you?

Here are a few simple tips to make the most of a hot tub meditation session.

  • Find a space in the tub where you can sit cross-legged with your spine straight. A seat that is shallower than others is ideal; many Hot Spring Spas feature a cool-down seat that would be terrific for this as well. The buoyancy of the hot water will encourage that sense of lightness to ready you for good meditation. Place your hands lightly on your thighs.
  • Close your eyes and allow yourself to get centered, observing your breath. As you do so, you’ll notice your breathing and heart rate will slow naturally.
  • Inhale deeply, filling your lungs and focusing on the expansion of your torso. As you exhale, take the time to focus on your body relaxing and ridding itself of any tension. Repeat this 3-5 times.
  • Now take your mind and focus your energy on the center of your heart. Take this time to reflect on who you are…who you choose to be.
  • Open your mind, allowing any thought, feeling or image to come to you as you soak and reflect in silence. Your goal should be to exist…without interpretation.
  • Focus again on your breathing…being at one with yourself. No outside influences, just the sense of your body and mind floating in the hot water.

This should be a simple easy meditation you could do in about ten minutes. Give it a try! You may find that your hot tub soaks will take you to another plane of escape and relaxation.