Ed Viesturs-Mountain Climber; Hot Spring Spa Owner

November 18, 2009

We rarely mention the celebrities or authors who own Hot Spring Spas. Their privacy is our top concern. But one well know author & mountain climber here in Seattle formerly did Hot Spring Spa radio commercials for Olympic Hot Tub Company . This month he has a new book, so I wanted to tell you about him today. Ed Viesturs is highly regarded as one of the world’s premier high-altitude mountaineers.

In October 2009, Viesturs and David Roberts published the book K2: Life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain, which tells the story of six expeditions to the world’s second tallest mountain.  Ed just finished a trip up Mt. Everest this past June. The reviews have been terrific for his book and I can’t wait to read it-as long as I don’t have to go on that trip.

It was the seventh Everest summit for Viesturs, of Bainbridge Island, who retired from Himalayan climbing in 2006, after becoming the first American to climb the world’s 14 tallest peaks without using supplemental oxygen. This time he climbed Everest without bottled oxygen until the summit day.

I love his quote: “Going up is optional. Coming down is mandatory.”  Soaking in his Hot Spring Spa may sound boring after climbing Everest. Ed uses it as part of his training program-soaking after intense workouts for deep relaxation and muscle pain relief.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.