Dr. Ruth Dishes Out Advice on Hot Tub Privacy

October 9, 2012

ASK DR. RUTH. Hot Tub Advice

I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr. Ruth Westheimer the noted sex therapist and radio/TV personality who brings frank talk about sex to the masses.  She received a letter with a question asking for her advice when she had a syndicated column a few years ago.

The question is as relevant today as it was then. What do about lack of privacy in the hot tub?

Q. My husband wants to fool around in the hot tub. I always have the feeling that the neighbors are looking through the holes in the fence, even if it’s at night. He calls me a prude. How can I convince him to leave me alone about this, or should I give in?

A. I agree with you that if your heart is not in it, you shouldn’t have to do it. But there may be another solution. Without discussing it with your husband or your neighbors or anybody else, why not try to make the hot tub as private as possible. (I’m not sure that not discussing it with her husband is a great idea, but anyway…) Cover up those holes, or make the fence higher. Plant some bushes around the hot tub, or move it someplace more secluded.

Dr. Ruth’s advice is very sound. Lack of privacy for fooling around or not is common in city backyards especially in hilly Seattle where neighbors can look down on your hot tub.  So high hedges or a higher fence won’t work.

We have a great new solution for hot tub privacy:

The Covana– Turn your backyard hot tub into the relaxing refuge you desire. With the Covana automated all-in-one hot tub cover/gazebo enclosure, safety and privacy are no longer a concern. The Covana’s shades and screens provide privacy and shelter, the keyed entry provides absolute security and safety.  Once down on the hot tub, the cover is sturdy enough to walk on & keeps intruders out! When up in the enclosure position, no peeping neighbors can see you or your hot tub.

See the great videos about the Covana. It’s made to fit Hot Spring Spas that are at least 34″ high. If you want to use the Covana with a shorter tub (Prodigy, Sovereign, Bolt), you must must raise the tub UP 1″ for the Covana to work. Currently there is no Covana option available for smaller tubs, like the Jetsetter.

Check out the Covana cover on display in our stores! We can’t guarantee your sex life will improve, but we can guarantee your privacy!

October 18, 1996|By Dr. Ruth Westheimer, (copyright) 1996 Karola, Inc., All Rights Reserved Distributed by King Features Syndicate.

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