man holding sore knee

Doctor’s orders: Get in hot water!

November 20, 2019

man holding sore kneeNovember 20, 2019 – Today I got a chance to talk to one of our customers getting ready to have her THIRD hot tub installed for her by Olympic. She bought her first Hot Spring Spa—a Sovereign—from us nearly 30 years ago in 1990! We’ll be delivering a new Hot Spring Jetsetter LX to her in a couple of weeks.

It’s a treat to talk with someone who totally gets how beneficial and life changing regular hot water soaking can be. She proceeded to share how much the hot tub had become part of her life, and that, as she has gotten older, it is more important than ever. “I would never be without a hot tub,” she said to me. She’s been doing water aerobics in her tub since she was 30!

Recently, she had just gone in and had some fluid removed from one of her knees. After she had the procedure completed and they were going over what to expect during recovery, her doctor very specifically said to her: “Get in hot water”. She happily did just that every day after the procedure, and her recovery time ended up being much shorter than they had projected. She told me how the hot water would ease away the stiffness and any pain she was feeling, and how the buoyancy gave the ability to take weight off her knee, allowing her to do stretching needed to make movement more fluid.

I’ve mentioned this in a past blog, but over 20 years ago when I had to have surgery on a herniated disc in my back, I visited my neuro-surgeon post procedure for a follow up. While we were sitting there, he said to me, “Don’t you have a hot tub with a Moto-Massage jet?” (Moto-Massage is a patented jet in Hot Spring Spas that sweeps up and down your back for a full massage—the only jet of its kind in the industry.) Momentarily stunned, I replied that yes, I did. He then confessed that he was actually a customer of ours and had a Hot Spring Sovereign at his place he purchased form Olympic in 1995!

My doctor’s recommendation was I use the tub daily to help with post recovery and that the hot water and Moto-Massage should help me avoid any future surgery. Guess what? I’ve never needed anything further done.

When a doctor can point you to something as natural as hot water to help with healing or prevent future injury, it speaks volumes. And, now that Hot Spring Spas feature the ability to enhance that healthy soak in salt water, thanks to the revolutionary FreshWater Salt System? It’s only strengthened the benefit of hot water soaking in a Hot Spring.

This is the time of year that a lot of folks agonize over what to get their family as the perfect gift. I would recommend you think about a Hot Spring Spa. Not only will it be a terrific surprise, it will be a gift that will give back to every member of your family—and friends—for years to come. You’ll give the gift of better health, less stress, chances to reconnect and create new memories… It’s one gift you can give everyone with confidence.

Doesn’t a soak in a Hot Spring Spa sound terrific right about now? Come visit us today, find the ultimate holiday gift, and arrange for delivery now. You’ll love it!