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Do you think that Hot Tubs are really gross? Read this!

April 29, 2017

ACE LogoApril 28, 2017 – Ew! Gross! Use your imagination and you can turn any dream into a nightmare. Like a hot tub for instance. Even though the health and wellness benefits are undisputable (and endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation & the National Arthritis Foundation), and the outright pleasure is verifiable, there are some folks who just can’t get past the idea of sharing a hot tub with others.

In fact, a hot tub with great filtration, that’s appropriately sanitized, is anything but gross.

Decades ago, we chose to carry Hot Spring Spas at Olympic Hot Tub. One of our main considerations was quality and superior engineering. Every system was tops in the industry including filtration.  Throughout the years Hot Spring has been at the forefront of innovative, crystal-clean hot tub sanitation as well.

Balanced Filtration…What is it? Why is it important? It’s the system that ensures there are enough filters in a Hot Spring Spa to clean the water 100% of the time! And that means you get to enjoy your hot tub experience in clean water.  All the contaminants, sweat, and body oils are stripped from the water as it’s continually cleansed by the filtration system. There is nothing gross about it. 

Hot Spring introduced a revolutionary hot water sanitation system in 2009—the ACE Salt Water System. In this patented system, salt is converted into natural sanitizers.  And that means you’re always sitting in water that is clean. Another bonus to soaking in salt water is the absence of bottled chemicals with fillers and the harsh drying effects they have on your skin. The end result: it’s safe, clean, and just plain feels better.

Bottom line, grossness does not happen without a helping—or  should we say—helpless  hand. If you’re in the driver’s seat (responsible for cleaning the hot tub), you gotta keep it on the road (keep those filters clean). If you do that, you’ll keep your hot tub water safe and crystal-clean, and everyone will love you for it. Remember to clean your filters monthly at the very least, with a quality filter cleaner.

Ta Da! There it is. Hot Spring Spas is on a mission to provide you with the cleanest, healthiest hot tub soaking experience. So how gross is that? Not at all!