Diamonds Are A Hot Tub’s Best Friend: ACE Salt Sanitizing System for Hot Spring Spas a Big Hit With Our Customers

April 5, 2010

25% of  Olympic’s Hot Spring Spa sales in March were equipped with the ACE Salt Sanitizing System. That’s a very high number for a new product but not for one that  has been eagerly awaited by hot tubbers in Puget Sound.

The  ACE Salt Sanitizing System for Hot Spring Spas has put an end to the primary objection to purchasing a hot tub: complicated water care. The Ace System makes hot tub water care  simple, safe, cost-effective, environmentally responsible, natural, and, just plain, enjoyable.

Using a patented technology with a diamond electrode, the ACE System breaks down water molecules to create active oxygen and  a powerful mixture of four oxidizers: natural chlorine,  shock, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. These oxidizers leave hot tub water crisper, cleaner, and silky soft to the touch.  Because the sanitizing elements used by the ACE System—salt and water—are natural, hot tub bathers are less likely to experience the skin and eye irritations and the smelly odors associated with traditional chlorine water care.

With its advanced engineering and innovation, coupled with its integration into the Hot Spring Spas’ automated IQ control panel, the ACE System makes hot tub water care nearly hands-free.** The easy-to-navigate control menus make set-up a breeze and the automated salt tests make maintaining water care levels effortless (really, it’s true!).* Since the system helps to maintain the target ranges for your hot tub’s water chemistry, you use fewer water care products, eliminate the need for so many unsafe chemicals, and extend the life of your hot tub water. When it is time to drain the tub,  hot tub water that has been cleaned with the ACE System can be used to irrigate flower beds and lawns with no worry about harmful chemicals.
The ACE System has been tested and has proven to offer hot tub owners with a simple water care option that is safe and natural. If you’re in the market for a new tub or just plain tired of chemicals and all of the hassle with your existing hot tub, check out the ACE System on a new Hot Spring Spa today. We have the ACE system set up on one or more spas in all Olympic Hot Tub Company showrooms.

*System is compatible on Hot Spring models: Vista®, Grandee®, Envoy®, Aria ®, Vanguard®, Sovereign®, Prodigy®, and Jetsetter®, manufactured on or after August 5, 2009.
**Manual tests may be required periodically, depending on usage. And cell cleaning is recommended every three months, which you can do in minutes!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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