Customer Raves About Olympic Hot Tub Company

November 21, 2008

 November 21st, 2008 – Our customers love Jennifer, the Manager of our Olympic Hot Tub Company store in Lacey. Our customers love their hot tubs, too! It’s not surprising that we gets heaps of fan mail.  These customers tell it all: affordable nightly pleasure with a product that gives them great peace of mind because its the best made product on the market:

Hi Jennifer,

Again, we’re so happy with our tub. Jeff told me he wouldn’t dream of going without a night of tubbing. : ) We love that time to relax and catch up and it’s great to have a daily massage. We tell everyone about it and my friends say they have hot tub envy. I was surprised at how affordable it really is. And worth every penny!

The hot tub forum I frequent  has a few other Olympic Hot tub customers and we all tell people to go there if they’re in our western Washington. I can’t stop telling people how great our experience is and after hearing other peoples’ horror stories with terrible service and inferior products, I’m so very thankful we picked you!

Take care and see you soon!

R. Williams

Thank you to the Williams for their letter. We really appreciate feedback from our customers.


. Pleasure is a serious business!