Critical things to remember when replacing a hot tub in a deck

April 14, 2022


April 14th, 2022 – A lot of hot tubs in backyards are reaching the age where it’s time to replace them. The hot tubs available today are a far cry from hot tubs from years past and look beautiful when placed on a deck. But there are some out there that still prefer to deck in a hot tub. If you are one of those people, there are some important things to keep in mind, especially if you’re replacing a tub that’s currently in a deck.

  • If you’re looking to replace your tub with one similar in size, it’s important to have all the dimensions when shopping for a new one. Not only is the length and width of the hot tub important, the tub height is required info too.
  • Always be prepared to do some deck work when replacing the tub. It’s not realistic to think this can be avoided. The radius of the hot tub corners will most likely be different from the tub you’re replacing.
  • You’ll need to remove enough of the decking surrounding the old tub to get it taken away safely. Best to remove at least six inches of the surrounding decking.
  • A lot of hot tubs installed in years past lacked a good solid foundation (or even one at all!). A tub can settle over time. In order to set the tub up for long term success, be sure to pour a level concrete pad for the new tub.
  • Hot tub service providers in the state of Washington must be licensed electricians to do work on your tub. This means your deck must be built to provide the appropriate clearance for service work to be done. The equipment side of the tub must have three feet of unobstructed clearance and six feet of overhead allowance to satisfy code. It’s critical that any deck builder or landscape architect adhere to this with any design!
  • Speaking of electrical, some hot tubs may require wiring updates. Be sure to budget money for new wiring and/or a new sub panel to be installed.
  • New decking should only be finished once the hot tub is there, not before! Dropping a tub into a pre-built hole is a no-no. You want to be sure the tub can be safely lowered and positioned, then the decking can be finished.
  • Hot tubs installed years ago may have been delivered long before plants and trees matured, or fences and gates built. Be sure to look at the path the old hot tub will leave the backyard and the new hot tub will be delivered. If you’re uncertain if the access is adequate for this to be done successfully, a backyard consult would be a smart thing to schedule. This will also prepare you should a boom truck or extra manpower be needed for your project.

Getting a new hot tub is an exciting event! This little checklist will help make things go much more smoothly.