CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE PURCHASED A HOME WITH A HOT TUB. Here’s what to do now for happy, healthy and safe soaking.

November 28, 2008

November 28th, 2008 – Congratulations! Your new home has a hot tub! You’re almost ready to enjoy all the benefits including good health, relaxation, and backyard fun. I say almost because if you’re new to hot tub ownership, there are some things to do before you take that first dip. Based on our 33 years in business, here’s what Olympic Hot Tub recommends:

Get all possible data about your tub to determine correct filters, spa cover, and water care products. Ask the previous owners before your house closes. No data? Measure width and height of the spa to calculate water volume.

Verify maintenance supplies are correct (bring in the box the owner’s have left to any of our 5 stores-we’ll help you sort out what’s needed or not) and spa cover and cover lifter are in good shape.

Drain & refill before jumping in.

First- buy new filters. Bad filters cause cloudy water. Don’t know your hot tub brand or model? Measure a filter. Proper filters can be found at local spa retailers or on the web. Visit Olympic Hot Tub’s estore for all Hot Spring, Tiger River,  Solana, Hot Spot and Limelight filters.

Check cover and lifter

Is the cover too heavy to lift, broken, cracked, peeling, musty? Replace it.Water saturated covers drain energy and might hurt your back. Don’t through energy dollars down the drain; a well fitting cover is your first defense in saving money. We recommend Sunstar TM covers for their patented water seal and long life. Lifter should sit square on the tub with straight arms and top bar, or your cover will be harder to lift and may not form a heat retention seal. For a great lifter, check out our selection of lifters. We carry all covers, too.

“The Right” water care products.

Take old product to a reputable hot tub dealer for recycling. Bring any of your water care bottles to one of Olympic’s 5 stores and receive $1. off each new item. A reputable dealer can determine what you need to get started. One big don’t:

Don’t use swimming pool chlorine.

It’s unstable in hot water, clouds water, has the wrong pH, and dissipates quickly. If your tub uses chlorine make sure it’s for hot tubs, with “sodium dichloride” not “calcium hypochlorite” as the major ingredient.Consider changing from chlorine to newer, less harsh sanitizers. SeaKlear TM Spa brand has water care products especially formulated for hot tubs. Order at our estore.

The easiest water care and the softest skin you can imagine:SilkBalance is for you! No mixing, testing or hassle. Order from our estore and start your hot tub experience off right!

Replace testing reagents every year, or try test strips. They’re more effective and allow one “dip of the strip” testing. Start fresh with new strips. Keep strips dry for accurate water testing results.

We give water care lessons and any reputable dealer should, too. So, ask your retailer for a water care lesson and handouts detailing how to maintain water cleanliness and sanitation procedures. OR, call our service center: 206 431-2876. Still puzzled? Local service firms specializing in your brand can teach maintenance shortcuts and proper care or consider hiring a valet service to maintain your hot tub for you.

Doing it yourself? It’s time to drain and clean! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always unplug tub or turn breakers off first. Unsure which cleaning products? Try Simple Green, baking soda, or any non-abrasive cleaner. Got grit on the tub floor?Use a turkey baster or wet-dry vacuum after draining tub. Hot tub vacuums are another option.

Run hose a few minutes outside tub then refill tub with clean water. Add new filters and water care products, i.e. sanitizers, pH modifiers, water hardness, and alkalinity raisers. Plug it in or reset the breakers. Set temperature. Your first dip is only hours away!

Want Us to Do it For You? Call for our Valet Service! We’ll drain & clean and get you set up correctly.

RES EST SEVERA VOLUPTAS.- Pleasure is a serious business.