Celebrate National Relaxation Day by Doing Nothing

August 15, 2017

August 15, 2017 – Hurray! Hurray! It’s National Relaxation Day! Okay, that’s enough celebrating. You don’t want to wear yourself out. The order of the day is simple: carpe diem…then do nothing with it. It’s your day to relax. Enjoy it!

Young Sean Moeller figured it out in 1985 when he founded National Relaxation Day.  Sean, a fourth grader, opined, ‘people shouldn’t do anything of real value. Cleaning and “real work” are not a part of relaxation.’ Sean was probably rebelling against his summer chores, but he was on to something. Everybody needs times to recharge.

There’s plenty enough stress in life. And if not, we can always add more. We work and work, and our days become like a jar filled with pebbles. It seems full, yet we continue to add successively smaller grains of responsibility until it’s packed tight and there’s no time left for us.

It’s time to STOP! And ponder. And if it takes a special day to remind us, so be it. Because we are doing too much!

We need some R & R (rest & relaxation). We’re pushing ourselves to the point of diminishing productivity. Everybody needs recovery time. Even those of us who have no patience for it. You want to be a hard charger? Then baby, you need time to refresh!

We get it. It’s Tuesday, and not everyone can shirk their responsibilities. If this is a work day, go easy on yourself. Steer clear of stress. Don’t put in those extra hours if you don’t have to.

Here are a few more tips to help you celebrate the day:

  • Find a new way to de-stress. Meditation, Yoga, or light exercise will work
  • Are you perfectly chill? Then help someone else to relax. You’ll both benefit from it.
  • Make relaxation a priority. Put it on your schedule…and don’t cancel.

The best way to honor National Relaxation day is to honor yourself. Our method of choice is a relaxing soak in a Hot Spring Spa. It’s more than fun, it’s essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, you don’t need a special day to relax. There’s a way you can make a brighter mood and more productivity your way of life. Just make “Hot Tub Time” a part of every day.