Celebrate International Dark Sky Week in your Hot Spring Spa.

April 24, 2014

April 24, 2014

The night sky is a precious resource we can't afford to lose
The night sky is a precious resource we can’t afford to lose



Soak Up the Night

Your hot tub can be the star of International Dark Sky Week, April 20, 2014-April, 26, 2014. The observance, which was started by a high school student, Jennifer Barlow in 2003 and has grown to be celebrated around the world as a key component of Global Astronomy Month. Jennifer said:Buy the Outcast wireless and weather resistant sound system.

“I want people to be able to see the wonder of the night sky without the effects of light pollution. The universe is our view into our past and our vision into the future . . . I want to help preserve its wonder.” 

Her dream is now an annual week that calls attention to light pollution that wastes energy and keeps us from enjoying the natural night. The view from your hot tub is like a great seat in a planetarium – only it’s the real sky with real stars, moon, planets, and satellites. Take advantage of your Hot Spring Spa to enjoy the night spectacle.

Here are a 5 ways to better enjoy the night sky-not just this week, but all year long:

1. International Dark Sky Week is a great excuse for a backyard stargazing party. Maybe somebody has a telescope to set up next to the hot tub for close-up skyviews. 

2. See how many celestial bodies you can identify as you enjoy the warm, swirling water in your Hot Spring Spa. Check out this sky map to get you started.

3. Check out the lighting around your house and see if you can find ways to keep energy from getting lost in space – and dimming the view of the natural light.

4. Join citizen-scientists who report light pollution, sometimes with smartphone apps, to

5. Make a date with your partner for an evening under the stars, or just enjoy some alone time with the universe.

6. Start a nighttime hot tub astronomy habit that can last all year with Olympic Hot Tub’s top 3 ways to enjoy the night sky from Western Washington!

You can find many more ideas and resources at International Dark Sky Organization, including educational activities for young and old, online links for sharing experiences, and even a tactful way to talk to your neighbor about the light that is blinding your skyview or glaring into your bedroom all night.

After all, some things just go better in the natural dark. Happy International Dark Sky Week!

Sanum per aqua. As the Romans said it, Health through Water.

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