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Can hot tubs help reduce stroke & heart attack risk? New study says yes!

June 26, 2018

June 26, 2017 – I’ve posted several blogs about all the studies released that show how regular sauna use can help reduce cardiac events. With heat being the key factor here, it would seem logical that some of this benefit might actually translate to regular soaking in hot water. Now, a study released this year seems to support this.

The study, conducted with men and women over 65 years of age in Beppu, Japan, was chosen because of its high concentration of hot water soaking sources in the world. In fact, for years Olympic sold a product which was designed to replicate the analgesic effects of natural hot springs in Beppu. While it’s no longer available, we now have the good fortune to offer Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy, which looks to the hot springs in Beppu to inform its terrific product’s makeup.

The study points to hot water soaking five days a week to get the desired benefits.

This is especially exciting news for folks who are unable to exercise regularly to improve cardiovascular function. Regular hot water immersion appears to create similar physiological responses that you normally enjoy from exercise. The heat increases core body temperature and promotes improved blood flow, thereby raising heart rate the same way it can with physical activity.

Hot water therapy like this is coined as passive heating. The intent here is not to replace exercise with hot water soaking if you’re healthy enough for physical activity. But, for folks who have limitations due to weight, joint or mobility issues, passive heating through hot water soaking could benefit them greatly.

As with anything related to heart health, you should check with your regular physician to determine if hot water soaking is a permissible addition to your regimen.

If you or someone you know has cardiovascular issues, share this info with them! And, if you don’t yet have a hot tub yourself, maybe it’s time to get one! It could be a contributing factor to keeping you heart healthy.