Buying a Hot Tub on Craigslist? Get The Facts

May 28, 2014

MAY 28, 2014

Buying spa stress or spa relaxation? What you don’t know about that Craigslist hot tub will hurt you.

So you’re looking for a hot tub to fit your budget and there’s this hot-sounding deal online. But a hot tub is an investment in a stress-free future, not like secondhand clothes or castoff furniture. You don’t want to pay to haul away someone else’s heavy burden. Thanks to Karen, Linda, and Val from our sales staff who have heard the sob stories from remorseful Craigslist spa buyers and sent their ideas for this post.

Here’s a summary of what they’ve heard and what you don’t know about that fire-sale hot tub:


Chances are the no-longer-loved tub is 8 to 10 years old and has suffered neglect for some time. If it’s so great, why is someone selling it? Lack of maintenance shortens the life of components, and long-empty tubs can be damaged from freezing, shrinking-swelling of plumbing lines, and varmints that take up residence. Even if they fixed the tub somewhere along the line, they probably didn’t use dealer-approved parts.

And, the three biggest culprits that cause spa buyers to fall out of love & pass the beast on to you? High energy costs, time consuming maintenance and obnoxiously noisey operation.


The advertised price doesn’t include up to $1,000 in startup costs to get the tub running at your home. You’ll need new filters, probably a new cover and lifter, new water care products, and a sub-panel for the wiring if it’s 220V. That’s if you don’t have to replace or repair broken parts right away. And you’ll probably want somebody else to pick it up from it’s resting place and delivery it to your home – a professional job costs $400 or more or wreck you back hauling it home yourself. Chances are it’s not running and you won’t be able to test soak to see if you even like it or hear the noise it makes when it’s running.


You’re not dealing with the Better Business Bureau here. You might not even find a serial number on your purchase. You get no financing, no service, no returns, and no guarantee except remorse as you live with the money-flushing tub. Yikes! Free in-home hot tub consultation by Olympic Hot Tub

You’ll miss out on all of the innovations that have made new hot tubs like Hot Spring better than ever with increased energy efficiency, easier care and longer life.


Sure, you could get lucky with a Craigslist bargain. You could win the lottery, too. The odds really are against you.

A starter hot tub from Olympic Hot Tub will give you peace of mind from day one. We have Certified Pre-owned spas– the trade-ins from our loyal customers. We test every part, correct every flaw, and refresh every feature on a 40-item checklist before we resell them, and you’ll get our Olympic Hot Tub Green Limited Warranty. Every purchase comes with a tapered insulated spa cover, a starter set of water care products, new filters, and the required 220V sub-panel or watertight electrical receptacle for 110V models. Most come with financing O.A.C. and free local delivery and setup. Our top-rated hot tubs are energy efficient, easy to use, and quiet-running. When you decide you too want to upgrade, you’ll get our Customer Loyalty Discount.

Don’t buy somebody else’s stress. You’re entitled to the Absolute Best Lifetime Ownership Experience. Relax with Olympic Hot Tub Company’s Certified Pre-Owned hot tubs and saunas. Check out our current offering of refurbished hot tubs in the Green Room of our E-store. See them all at our Tukwila Outlet and Service Center Monday-Friday 8-5 and the second Saturdy of every month from 9-4. 

Know what you’re getting!


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