Barbells are for weightlifting. Hot tub covers are not.

September 19, 2017

September 19, 2017 – It’s a crisp fall evening. You’ve been looking forward to a relaxing soak in your hot tub all day long. After getting home you reach for the hot tub cover and “oomph!” You remember that it weighs a ton and a half (at least it feels that way).  A heavy, bulky cover shouldn’t stand in the way of your hot tubbing pleasure. Products that keep your spa water crystal clean are your most important hot tub accessory, but a cover lifter runs a close second.

Here are 5 reasons why your hot tub cover is so important:

  • Heavy it should not be. You’re probably not a weightlifter, so you don’t need a hot tub cover that feels like a barbell. A cover lifter will carry the heavy load so you don’t have to lift that lid on you own. We have some options starting with a standard manual lift like CoverMate® by Leisure Concepts, to the CoverCradle®, which is a hydraulic assist lift made exclusively for Hot Spring Spas. Both will make struggling with a hot tub cover a memory best forgotten.
  • Relaxing before, during, and Hot tubbing is all about relaxation. Why condemn your aching muscles to an extra workout immediately after you soak. Don’t “dis the bliss”. Let your cover lifter do the work.
  • Is it Clean? No lifter? There’s a good chance your cover touches the ground when you set it aside. The constant dragging and hoisting creates extra wear and tear and can transfer dirt, leaves, and debris into your crystal clean water. A lifter will help keep it clean and make it last.
  • Keeping it Private. The UpRite™ cover lifter creates an extra degree of privacy by turning the lid into a privacy screen. The lid is positioned at the lip of the hot tub allowing you to soak beyond the reach of prying eyes. An added bonus: The UpRite only requires 8-9” of clearance, and that makes it perfect when your space is limited on a deck or in a gazebo. It also works fantastic on tubs built into decks!
  • You want to soak often but… A heavy cover can make you think twice about taking a quick soak.  With a cover lifter that “elephant in the room” no longer keeps you from enjoying your hot tub more often.

Ready to lighten your load? Call our Service Center today. We’ll help you choose the right cover lifter for your hot tub, whether you want us to install it, or you’re going to DIY it.

It’s uplifting in so many ways! We think you deserve to enjoy your hot tub time without interruption. And with a cover lifter from Olympic Hot Tub, that’s just what you’ll do. That’s why “A lifter for every cover” is our motto.