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August is National Water Quality Month

August 4, 2017

August 4, 2017 – How important is water quality? The entire month of August is dedicated to it–it’s National Water Quality month. If the quality of our water is worth recognition, we feel that the hot tub that offers the cleanest, most natural water for soaking deserves accolades as well. And that hot tub is none other than a Hot Spring Spa.

Why so wonderful? It’s no mystery. Hot tubbing is after all…all about the water. And over the years Hot Spring has made clean water a priority. When we slip into our hot tubs, we intend to let our cares drift away, but that’s not all we leave behind. Lotions, body oils, sweat, make up, and bacteria are released as well. Not a pleasant thought, but it’s true. Any hot tub that isn’t designed to deal with this reality isn’t worth an ounce of its weight in water. Unclean and unhealthy water is unsafe, and it does not mesh with the expected hot tub experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

What are the reasons Hot Spring can promise you a relaxing soak in crystal clean water? Take a look:

  • The little engine that can! All Hot Spring Spas feature a SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump. This little gem ensures that all the water in a Hot Spring Spa is clean and ready for use all day, every day. In a 24 hour period the water in a Hot Spring Spa is cleaned 10-22 times!
  • You have water care options. When it comes to water care, natural is the goal. At Olympic, we offer all Hot Spring Spas with two water care options so you can soak in water as close to natural as can be.
  • For the last few decades our go-to water care system has been the EverFresh System, which combines powerful ozone with silver ions to neutralize bacteria. Why mess with the best? The EverFresh System is virtually chlorine free, and uses only a teaspoon of chlorine per week! We couple it with SilkBalance to keep your water balanced and your skin soft…it’s terrific!
  • Our next-generation technology is the ACE Salt Water System. With ACE, Hot Spring introduced an unprecedented water care option for hot tubs: an easy to operate salt-water sanitizing system that can be easily integrated into the control system. Not only can ACE convent salt into natural chlorine, but it creates its own oxidizer in additional to many other cleaning agents. With ACE, the water feels softer, smells better, and lasts longer than hot tub water treated with traditional bottled chemicals.
  • Fantastic filtration. In a hot tub, filters are the sentinel, and nothing helps to guard your tub and keep the water clean and sanitary like Hot Spring’s Tri-X Filters. These filters were designed to replace traditional polyester filters. Each Tri-X is able to filter more than twice as much water when compared to its polyester-filled counterpart. Bonus: these filters go in the dishwasher for cleaning and only need to be replaced every 4-5 years!
  • Nothing gets by a Hot Spring Spa. All of the features mentioned above contribute to the clean water in Hot Spring’s benchmark Highlife Collection. But one feature brings it all together, creating what might be the ultimate hot tub water cleaning system… 100% no bypass filtration. Huh? It simply means that a Hot Spring Spa will clean all of the water, all of the time. You’ll always be sitting in water that’s 100% cleaned, no matter who, and how many folks you choose to soak with. Unlike other hot tub brands, the jetted water that caresses your aching body will be totally clean.

So what does all this fine attention to detail do for you? It allows you to soak in the cleanest hot tub water available, every day, all the time, as long as you own and maintain your Hot Spring Spa. Simply stated, only Hot Spring builds hot tubs that combine hot tub health and safety requirements for circulation, filtration, heating, and sanitation of hot tub water.

It’s August! Time to celebrate National Water Quality month in your Hot Spring Spa! Oh…you don’t have a Hot Spring Spa? Easy to fix! We invite to visit one of our conveniently located Puget Sound area showrooms. Then you can see for yourself why Hot Spring is the world’s best-selling brand. Better than that, we invite you to schedule an appointment for a free test-soak in one our hot tubs so you can see, smell, and feel what crystal clean water is all about. It’s so refreshing! See you here!