April is Poetry Month-Here’s a Poem About Hot Tubbing

April 1, 2010

Nude or Not Nude in your Hot Tub? – You Decide

Olympic Hot Tub Company has been asking the question: “ Nude or Not Nude?” since 1982. We ask our customers whether they enjoy their Hot tub soaking experience up close and personal or whether modesty prevails.
The 1982 survey results had 94% responding that they went nude.
Modesty or discretion swept our soakers through the Reagan years and only 64% voted emphatically nude, 17% voted suits and 19% voted yes for suits and no for bare depending on the situation, lighting and company! Results were similar in our 1999 survey as modesty continued to prevail.

The point is, soaking  in Hot Spring Spa always feels great, nude or not nude – whichever you decide!
Here’s a  poem on opting for no suits:
When slipping into our Sovereign suds,
We go au-natural and shed our duds.
Ahhh… the freedom, the tingling sensation…
Lift’s one’s spirit to a swirling elation
Whether it be daytime or night.
Nude in the hot tub is a sheer delight
Neighbors or guests… what do we do?
We give them The option to be nude too!
Why be modest? Why be shy?
Nude soaking is natural… give it a try!
— J. and M.C., North Bend, WA
Do you hot tub au natural or in a suit?

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.
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