Aches & Pains? A Hot Tub Can Help!

October 22, 2013

Bones. Olympic Hot Tub ComapnyIt’s almost Halloween and who could resist a hot tub play on bones? I couldn’t!

This Just In: Hot Tub Soaks Feel Good!

Researchers gather evidence for tubbing’s psychological and physiological benefits.

Scientific studies are documenting what you’ve known all along: soaking in the hot tub makes you relax and feel better. Here’s the latest, reported in the Ladies’ Home Journal:

Boost mood. Jack Raglin, a professor of kinesiology at Indiana University, says you don’t need a strenuous, endorphin-releasing swim to feel better. If you suffer from a painful condition such as arthritis, studies show that soaking in a hot tub is a mood elevator and that makes the pain less severe. 

Enhance exercise. Dr. Bruce Becker, a professor at Washington State University College of Education, says exercise benefits the nervous system, and exercise in water benefits even more. “That effect is seen with exercise in general, but it seems to be more true with exercise in water, although we’re not sure exactly why,” he says. If you’re in pain, exercising is frequently not an option. Soaking in hot water gives you weighlessness and defies gravity’s effects easing pressure on joints, and easing pain.

Warm soak=focused relaxation. Dr. Becker conducted a study that showed 24 minutes of immersion in warm water produced the same central nervous system patterns of people who are focused and relaxed. Pain relief followsthis deep relaxation.

Decrease depression. “Other studies have found that it decreases depression and anxiety,” Dr. Becker says. Maybe it’s because we’re buoyant, or the experience reminds us of floating in the womb.

Sleep easy. A study in the Journal of Physical Anthropology showed that women who soaked before bedtime slept sooner and better than those who didn’t.  And, better sleep does seem to diminish pain.

 So soaking in a hot tub relaxes you, eases stress, relieves pain and improves your outlook.  Who knew? You did.  That is, if you have a Hot Spring Spa from Olympic Hot Tub.  If you don’t yet own a hot tub, come try one at any of our 5 locations and feel for yourself the amazing benefits including pain relief. 

As the Romans said it, SANUM PER AQUA. Health through water.